Marvel To Unveil Captain America NFT Statues and Fully Readable Amazing Spider-Man #1 NFTs

It was back in the year 1939 on the 31st of August that the world was first introduced to the amazing world of Marvel Comics. That was 81 years ago on this very day that an entire universe of superheroes was presented before the world. So in order to celebrate the birthday of the famous Marvel Comic, the company is coming out with special edition non-fungible tokens or NFT collectibles of none other than Captain America. They are presenting this collection for the public through their collaboration with Veve Digital Collectibles and together this is how they have planned to conclude “Marvel Month”. 

Captain America NFT Statues Lineup For Auction

It was during the end of June this year, that Marvel Entertainment, which is a completely owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, made an announcement indicating that the company was willing to dip its toes into the crazy world of non-fungible tokens or NFTs and right in the first week of August, Marvel declared it to be the “Marvel Month” and soon after that, they released the Spider-Man NFTs in the market.

The set of collectibles in the previously released Spider-Man collection ranged from various types of Spiderman Non Fungible Tokens ranging from common, uncommon, rare, ultra-rare, and the secret rare version of Spider-Man that was made available to the public in the form of NFTs. After Marvel dropped their collection of NFTs, the Marvel Comic Book competitor, DC Comics has also decided to launch a collection of NFTs with the help of and through the application owned by Veve Digital Collectibles.

Marvel to Drop Captain America NFT Statues, Fully-Readable Amazing Spider-Man #1 NFTs

The Marvel Month as announced by Marvel itself will come to a conclusion today, that is the 31st of August, 2021 and along with that the final chapter of the month of Marvel NFTs will come to end with none other than the first Avenger, Captain America. The launch of this series of NFTs will be an honorary tribute to the 80th Anniversary of Captain America since his debut appearance in a comic book was back in the year 1941. The NFT collection went live online on Tuesday, i.e. today at 8 am. The NFT collection of the legendary Avenger of Marvel includes:

  • Captain America — The First Avenger – this premium digital format of Captain America standing tall and proud, like always a true soldier is priced at $40.
  • Captain America — Charging Into Battle – Captain America here runs into battle while holding his original tri-shield in hand is priced at $50.
  • Captain America — The Punch – This one depicts the iconic punch from Steve Rogers that was a hit on the cover of the Comic of Captain America and is priced at $100.
  • Captain America — Animated – This NFT portrays Captain America in animated format preparing for battle and is priced at $250.
  • Captain America — Ultimate – This NFT is animated and is an ultra-premium one at that since it contains SFX and VFX of Captain America using his original tri-shield both as a defensive and offensive weapon and is priced at $400.

The Amazing Spider-Man #1 NFT

Along with launching the Captain America NFTs, Marvel is also coming out with a digital comic NFT that is fully readable and they have named it  “The Amazing Spider-Man #1”, which will also be launched on the same day as the Captain America NFT launch, i.e., Tuesday, 31st of August but at 11am. 

This is one of the most popular comic books in the world and also, this comic book is one of the most valuable comic books in the whole world. According to Quality Comix, an institution that grades comics books and deals in them, stated that a version of this comic book which is available in mint condition has gone up thrice its original value during the last decade. They also mentioned that a copy of this comic book which is in pristine condition and has a grade value of a minimum 9.6, can easily sell for over a staggering amount of $300,000. 

The Veve Digital Collectibles platform and the Orbis Blockchain Technologies Limited together help power the NFT initiative undertaken by Marvel. The Veve application is available on Android and IOS and they help people to trade and hunt for NFTs on their platform.

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