Polygon Powers the 1st-ever Blockchain-based Police Complaint Portal in India

Polygon Powers the 1st-ever Blockchain-based Police Complaint Portal in India

Polygon is once again in the news, and the company has now launched a policing system based on blockchain technology. The application name is First Information Report (FIR) and it functions as a platform where citizens can lodge their complaints without the chances of their complaints getting manipulated or dismissed. Firozabad partnered with Polygon Technologies to develop a decentralized application to lodge civil complaints. The application is developed to eliminate the inter-department corruption issues faced by the police corporation.

The district Firozabad has a population of 2.8 million people who have severe issues with the policy system. These issues included corruption complaint manipulation and unreasonable dismissal.

The news spread on the 12th, when Polygon’s co-founder, Sandeep Nailwal, posted a series of tweets announcing the use of the Polygon blockchain protocol as a critical strategy in the new-age policing system. 

The portal development is carried out by Polygon, which functions as a bridge to connect citizens with the city police department in a decentralized manner. Simply put, decentralized applications enhance public data distribution without getting compromised. This new policing system, backed by the most rapidly growing tech, has been gaining popularity among the locals. They believe it will help identify the department’s corruption issues and nullify security loopholes in the system. 

Ashish Tiwari, the Senior Superintendent of Firozabad Police, posted a video demonstrating the security concerns associated with the FIR decentralized application. That this application will transform the image of civil police in a system where low-level officers are continuously accused of manipulating or denying to file reports, he said that it “could be a game changer in ensuring the right to justice.”

The initiative of Firozabad police to launch a blockchain-powered decentralized complaint filing system is getting raised by different communities all over social media. The founder of the crypto education startup, ‘Bitinning,’ commented that this polygon-powered portal would make complaints immutable, verifiable, and easy to file. 

Apart from Firozabad, Muzaffar Nagar is also entering into smart policing by collaborating with 5IRE. 5IRE is helping the Muzaffarnagar police department leverage web3 technology in building robust and smart policing systems to enhance citizen access, accountability, transparency, and interaction between law enforcement agencies.

According to Pratik Gauri, the Founder and CEO of 5IRE Network, “Trust is the foundation of a healthy relationship. This becomes especially important if the relationship in question is between the police and the public. The smart policing solution will focus on areas where more help from the police is needed. At the same time, this will ensure that the law enforcement agency is accountable by making its actions more transparent to all stakeholders.

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