Newly-Found Moonbirds NFT Project Fetches $290M in Sales

Newly-Found Moonbirds NFT Project Fetches $290M in Sales

Soaking in the newly-found success within the Non-Fungible Token industry, newbie NFT platform Moonbirds has announced to generate a whopping $290M from sales. With this achievement, the Ethereum-supported digital collectibles project has managed to climb up the trade volume charts quickly while giving stiff competition to the existing firms from the NFT sector. What makes this milestone even more significant is the fact that Moonbirds has pulled off this amazing success in a short span of four days reaping the benefits of the growing NFT craze.

According to the report, the NFT marketplace sold 10,000 computer-created pixel owl avatar NFTs on April 16, 2022, for a mint cost of 2.5 Ether per NFT or $7,700 at current prices. The minimum average sale value has since increased exponentially in secondary markets with the leading NFT marketplace OpenSea reflecting a whopping amount of 18.45 ETH or $56,800. The newly-launched collection has managed to collect over $289.9 million through secondary sales including mint sales. With this, Moonbirds stood tall as the top-selling NFT project on the seven-day and 30-day sales charts. It grabbed the second spot as per the past 24 hours’ sales metrics.

The data revealed in the 30-day sales chart showed some surprising statistics between the top 3 NFT projects placed in the top-3 ranks of the chart. Interestingly, the sales volume of Moonbirds was 52% more than the second-spot bearer, Azuki which garnered a sales volume worth $189.3 million to its credit. The project was 76% ahead of the immensely popular NFT collection, BAYC which stood strong with a sales volume of $164.6 million. The #7963 NFT collection by Moonbirds pulled off the ninth-biggest sale of all collections over the past week. The collection fetched 135 ETH or $410,000 from the market during the sale.

Founded by the PROOF Collective, Moonbirds is a revolutionary trading space for NFT lovers. The PROOF Collective works as a social group for the 1,000 owners of the PROOF Collective NFTs. The social club is presenting working closely with several NFT projects. The Moonbirds team is looking forward to strengthening its hold in the sector by offering seamless access to utility-based NFT collections for users. The owners get complete access to a private trading infrastructure and a membership club. The project is to some extent following the footsteps of the Bored Ape Yacht Club or the BAYC NFT collection. Moonbirds will offer a plethora of benefits to its users including priority access to upcoming airdrops, a membership club, exclusive merch, and early access to the forthcoming Metaverse portal called ‘Project Highrise.’

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