Near Protocol Unveils Revolutionary Blockchain Operating System for Web3

Near Protocol Unveils Revolutionary Blockchain Operating System for Web3

At ETHDenver 2023 Web3 & innovation event, Near Protocol dApp introduced its latest Blockchain operating system. The brand teased the capabilities of the operating systems, like a better user experience on the platform with a common layer for discovering and exploring open-source resources on the Internet. 

According to the Near group, their new solution is interoperable with just about any Blockchain or Web2 backend, enabling customers to utilize a single app without interruption when transitioning between many networks or applications. This sets the operating system apart from similar systems designed for specific Blockchain networks. 

Moreover, the new approach allows programmers to develop decentralized & reusable frontends. Without having to operate it on something like a distinct server, it allows designers to merge various add-ons and parts, including purchases, accounts, and alerts.

Near Protocol Unveils Revolutionary Blockchain Operating System for Web3

Furthermore, the platform provides all the architecture and services required for creating applications, enabling programmers to integrate their creations into the network quickly. Their objective is to offer a platform for creation and release so that programmers may create their apps on the system’s top.

Illia Polosukhin, the co-founder of Near protocol, said that Near sometimes works similarly to iOS. For instance, a network for application developers, this latest operating system offers an opportunity for programmers and developers to promote their applications to a massive audience of customers.

The co-founder also claims that Near Protocol is an equivalent of Ethereum Blockchain. It offers a Blockchain that supports proof-of-stake but also smart contracts. The protocol sought a ten-fold rise in various vital indicators over the previous year, including payments, monthly active wallets, investments, developers, and on-boarded projects but also ecosystem investment.

Since it was 3 times less expensive to engage engineers when smart contracts could’ve been written in JavaScript, several of these applications were transferred to Near. This improves the platform’s usability for customers while making it more affordable and convenient for programmers. Polosukhin said many projects switched to the Near Protocol the year before, and searches also fueled this expansion for already-existing programs with a user base.

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