MultiversX Unveils Next-Gen Web3 Super App

MultiversX Unveils Next-Gen Web3 Super App

MultiversX is a rebadged company formerly known as Elrond. The name change came into effect as a shift to Metaverse on November 22 due to immersive technologies becoming a hit in the global markets.  

The brand calls out its ambitious project xPortal app as a ‘Super App’ with everything, from Metaverse-based immersive experiences to a socially focused platform for digital finance and virtual avatars. The one-stop application can carry out digital transactions using cryptocurrencies, manage funds and track investments. 

MultiversX Unveils Next-Gen Web3 Super App

The release statement says, “With just a few taps or the simple sending of a message, you can easily send and receive money, crypto and [non-fungible tokens], make payments, use a debit card, track investments and explore the financial, crypto and NFT ecosystems.” In addition to that, the application platform also allows users to gain an enhanced 3D digital and immersive experience with virtual avatars that can be personalized and customized to match the customer’s appeal. 

xPortal can also manage end-to-end encrypted text messaging services and a portal for immersive Metaverse experiences and Web3 applications. The brand has extended its support to every globally popular operating system, including iOS and Android. 

The head of product at MutliversX, Sergiu Biris, said, “xPortal’s ability to make Web3 and the Metaverse accessible to any smartphone user on the world shifts the entire conversation around all-accessible digital experiences from a distant vision of the future into a reality today.”


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