Jio to Build India-specific AI Models

Jio to Build India-specific AI Models

Reliance Jio Platforms has taken a significant stride into Artificial Intelligence (AI), aiming to shape India’s AI landscape. The company’s ambitious agenda involves crafting AI models tailored specifically to India’s unique context and needs. With a vision of making AI accessible to all, Jio Platforms is set to construct AI-powered solutions spanning various domains.

Mukesh Ambani, the Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Ltd., emphasized the strategic importance of leveraging AI for India’s competitiveness, growth, and overall national prosperity. He underscored the need for India to harness the potential of AI for innovation and development on a global scale.

Ambani elaborated further, saying, “Within the RIL Group, we are rapidly augmenting a talent pool and capabilities to swiftly assimilate the latest global innovations in AI, especially the recent advancements in generative artificial intelligence.”

The significance of Jio’s move towards AI is underscored by its commitment to enhancing accessibility. The company plans to establish a formidable foundation by creating an AI-ready computing capacity of 2000 MW. This initiative is expected to fuel the rapid adoption of AI and contribute to the ongoing trend of generative AI.

Notably, Jio Platforms unveiled a series of groundbreaking technologies during the RIL AGM 2023. Among them, the Jio AirFiber caught attention. Slated for release in India on September 19, coinciding with Ganesh Chaturthi, this product promises to extend Jio’s 5G ecosystem. Users simply need to acquire the AirFiber unit and activate it to enjoy robust WiFi hotspot capabilities.

Another innovative offering is the Jio True5G Developer Platform. This comprehensive platform integrates 5G networks, edge computing, and a range of applications and services. Enterprises gain the power to activate network slices on demand, deploy applications on Jio’s multi-access edge computing locations, and access a rich ecosystem of partner applications—all within a single platform.

Furthermore, the introduction of the Jio True5G Lab signifies Jio’s commitment to catalyzing industry transformation through the power of Jio True5G. This facility is designed to facilitate the collaborative development, testing, and creation of industry-specific solutions by the company’s technology partners and enterprise customers.

Mukesh Ambani highlighted Jio Platforms’ mission to develop India-specific AI models targeting government, businesses, and consumers. The company’s endeavors are underpinned by a pledge to establish up to 2,000 MW of AI-ready computing capacity, a vital infrastructure for handling AI’s computational demands.

“Seven years ago, Jio promised broadband connectivity to everyone, everywhere. We have delivered. Today, Jio promises AI to everyone, everywhere. And we shall deliver,” stated Ambani, articulating the company’s steadfast commitment.

Reliance Industries’ transformation into a tech-first business has been underway since its entry into the telecom sector in 2016. The conglomerate has strategically invested in diverse sectors such as e-commerce, edtech, logistics tech, drones, and more. This strategic expansion aligns with its vision to become a new-age tech company equipped with distinctive capabilities.

Ambani emphasized this transformation, stating, “We’ve become one of the largest filers of global patents for digital technologies, affirming our transformation to a tech company. I can see Jio leveraging Made-in-India tech to drive value creation growth, both at home and abroad.”

Ambani’s description of the “new Reliance” as a tech company that produces, deploys, and democratizes technology echoes the conglomerate’s remarkable evolution. From its inception, Jio has played a pivotal role in propelling India’s digital transformation, evident in its substantial per-user data consumption and a customer base exceeding 450 million subscribers.

A recent partnership with Brookfield Infrastructure and Digital Realty further highlights Reliance’s tech-forward strategy. The collaboration aims to develop top-tier data centers in India, catering to the critical infrastructure needs of enterprises and digital service firms.

In conclusion, Jio Platforms’ leap into AI signifies a monumental stride towards India’s technological future. With a strong focus on developing India-specific AI models and infrastructure, Jio is poised to bring AI accessibility to everyone across the nation. As Reliance Industries continues its journey as a tech-first company, its commitment to innovation, growth, and transformative technologies remains unwavering.

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