Japan’s Biggest Mobile Operator NTT Docomo Establishes a Web3 Consortium

Japan's Biggest Mobile Operator NTT Docomo Establishes a Web3 Consortium

Japan’s largest mobile operator brand, NTT Docomo, has announced its partnership with Astar Network to pace up web3 development and implementation in the nation. NTT Docomo has an annual revenue of more than $40 billion and is set to explore web3 ecosystems for mass adoption with this partnership. The joint venture to empower the industry is expected to work as a consortium and allow individuals and corporate entities to participate in the development.

NTT Docomo and Astar Network announced that both brands collaborate on three fundamentals of web3 ecosystems development. The first and foremost priority will be the establishment of eco-friendly web3 ecosystems. This step is major for web3 development as it improves the environmental impact of developing web3 systems. The second topping priority will be to bridge the gap between traditional and web3 architecture to regulate a faster web3 adoption. 

The CEO of Astar Network, Sota Watanabe, said he wants to make it affordable, accessible and efficient so that mass adoption can be planned and implemented. Unlike the current scenario where only tech geeks are interested and invested in web3 development.

He said, “In this context, more robust cases with excellent user experience on an infrastructure that is accessible to everyone is essential. It is about making a society where more people can truly enjoy the benefits of web3, not just engineers.”

Moreover, Japan is experiencing great enthusiasm for exploring web3 space, and this partnership is the cherry on top. Recently, a digital agency in Japan launched its research DAO to strategize the study of web3 technologies like crypto, decentralized finance, and blockchain development

However, Japan has strict and rough restrictions on cryptocurrency; the Prime Minister of Japan has plans to implement web3 and develop new use cases for the general public.

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