Hyundai and Meta Kongz teamed up to bring community NFTs to the market

Hyundai and Meta Kongz teamed up to bring community NFTs to the market

Hyundai Motor Company, a South Korean automaker, made its debut in the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Monday 18-05-2022, after cooperation with the ‘Meta Kongz‘ NFT brand. Kakao, the firm behind Korea’s most popular instant messaging app, KakaoTalk, established the Clayton blockchain, on which Meta Kongz is built.

Makes 10,000 PFP Meta Kongs in total. It is gaining popularity since holders may profit not just monetarily, but also in the metaverse. The Kongz crew and Lee Doo-hee, the talented developer and CEO of Like Lion, are leading a major NFT project called Meta Kongz. They’re also focusing on globalization projects like the K-POP Korean Wave.

The initial mints()approximately 3000) were sold in no time(within a few secs). With a floor price of 6ETH approximately. On Open Sea, Meta Kongz is currently the No. 1 Klaytn chain. Its initial mint price was 150 KLAY ($110). But its value has soared by more than 100 times after it is open for minting.  Enthusiasts in the space are eager to buy Meta Kongz.

Meta Kongz owners may now employ a variety of methods, including the Breeding System, DeFi System, and KongzShop, to mine 4 MKC per day and make $1,200 per month at current pricing. With the triumphant debuts of G.rilla and Mutant Kongz, a new collection has emerged.

On April 20, the automotive company will offer 30 limited versions of its NFTs to commemorate the debut of the short film.

Hyundai, a South Korean automaker, announced its debut in the community NFT market on April 17. The company plans to use its social media channels to engage with community members and also analyze the performance and value of its NFTs.

Community NFTs for Hyundai’s Metamobility Initiative:

Hyundai’s Global Chief Marketing Officer, Thomas Schimra, stated that the company is thrilled to deliver metamobility to its community via NFTs.

Initially, the manufacturer will distribute 30 limited edition NFTs on April 20th. As the Hyundai NXT universe expands, these releases will continue throughout the year as an act to make a profit. NFT will be used solely sold for project and community administration.

Many automakers, such as Hyundai, are entering the market without the support of local communities. An Indian business, Mahindra, has released its first batch of NFTs.

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