Ethermail Collaborates With Unstoppable Domains to Scale Web3 Communication Network

Ethermail Collaborates With Unstoppable Domains to Scale Web3 Communication Network

World’s first Web3 email solutions provider EtherMail is set to enhance its standard for encrypted and anonymous wallet-to-wallet communication. The brand has partnered with the leading Web3 domain provider, Unstoppable Domains. The collaboration is envisioned to scale EtherMail’s Web3 communication network rapidly.

EtherMail’s integration with Unstoppable Domains represents the latest development in EtherMail’s mission to design email connectivity for the Web3 community and space. Until now, EtherMail’s addresses lacked personalized components and were limited to “0x…,” where the prefix reflects the users’ wallet address for the EtherMail domain.

After today’s announcement of EtherMail integrating with Unstoppable Domains, users can customize their email addresses and use personalized addresses like “[email protected].

Ethermail Collaborates With Unstoppable Domains to Scale Web3 Communication Network

This brand collaboration has brought up a much-needed integration that makes it easier for the user to use an Unstoppable Domains address and sign up for anything like newsletters, websites, and much more. Previously a user had to remember their complete wallet address for using their Web3 domain to sign up hassle-free. Users have also been encouraged to claim their favorable Unstoppable domain and secure a custom digital identity for Web3 ecosystems.

The integration also features EtherMail’s announcement to airdrop 10 Million EMC tokens as a raffle ticket to users with active Unstoppable Domains accounts. EtherMail secured a 3 million dollar seed funding in August 2022 and has rapidly scaled the development of an industry’s best framework to empower email communications in Web3 communities.

The brand has also partnered with popular NFT projects, including Toxic Skulls Club, inBetweeners, Probably Nothing, and others. These partnerships allowed these renowned NFT projects to segregate their digital asset holders based on the number of tokens held by the holder, the rarity traits of an NFT, the specific type of NFT held, and various others.

These renowned NFT project partners will leverage EtherMail’s proprietary Web3 email solutions to assist their customers with better communication and custom reward offerings as a gesture of their contribution to the respective NFT communities.

Unstoppable Domains has been offering Web3 domains since 2018 allowing their customers full control and ownership of their digital identity in the Web3 community. The company enjoys a user waste of more than 3 million users who can log into 650+ Web3 applications without requiring any lengthy wallet address. They also allow users to create dApps hassle-free and help them build a unique Web3 identity.

Unstoppable Domains has 750+ active partnerships with global leaders in Web3 ecosystems, including, MoonPay, Polygon, and others.

Shant Kevonian, the CEO and Founder of EtherMail, said, “As true innovators in the field of decentralized identity, Unstoppable Domains has underlined their credentials at the apex of the Web3 landscape, with over 3 million registered domains. This integration extends the reach of our Web3 email solution to these domain users as we continue to set the standard for anonymous and encrypted wallet-to-wallet communication. Allowing users to generate personalized wallet addresses is a key step to break down barriers between Web2 and Web3, and we’re delighted to work alongside Unstoppable Domains in this mission.”

Additionally, from the house of Unstoppable Domains, the Senior Vice president and Channel Chief Sandy Carter said, “Lengthy and impossible-to-remember wallet addresses are an obvious deterrent when it comes to enticing Web2 users to join Web3. Unstoppable Domains and EtherMail are firmly aligned on bridging this gap by creating a streamlined, user-friendly experience for people to start their Web3 journey. We look forward to expanding our partnership scope with EtherMail in the months ahead.”

About EtherMail

EtherMail is the world’s first Web3 email solutions development company working to raise the standards of encrypted wallet-to-wallet communications and anonymity on the internet. It allows organizations and enterprises to directly connect with their asset holders with Blockchain-synced real-time information and updates. EtherMail also allows its users to engage in anonymous peer-to-peer communication with rewards for reading relevant content in their inboxes.

About Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains was founded in 2018 to build a platform that provides a digital identity for Web3 ecosystems. The company offers Web3 domains minted on the new age Blockchain that offers people full control and ownership of their digital identity without additional renewal fees.

It allows people to eliminate the requirement of their lengthy alphanumeric wallet addresses with a human-readable name without compromising security and privacy. These easy-to-read and remember personal Web3 identities allow users to perform application transactions, log into Web3 wallets and exchanges, and much more. Unstoppable Domains also became Forbes America’s Best Startup Employers in 2022.




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