Could Chatgpt Take On Google? Morgan Stanley Claims That The Tech Giant Has Nothing To Be Worry About

Could Chatgpt Take On Google? Morgan Stanley Claims That The Tech Giant Has Nothing To Be Worry About

As ChatGPT’s capabilities have come to light, some have speculated that the AI chatbot could potentially disrupt established tech giants such as Google’s search engine. With its ability to interact with users and provide rapid responses, ChatGPT could offer a viable alternative to the traditional search engine. This could revolutionize the way people access information, giving them a more personalized experience that could be tailored to their individual needs.

People have been relying on ChatGPT for more than just getting the answers to their homework or finding the perfect burger recipe – they’ve been using it to ask the same kinds of questions they’d usually turn to Google for. Although it’s still far from perfect – no access to search engines, occasionally incorrect answers, and math problems that it just can’t figure out – its capacity to comprehend questions and respond appropriately is like having an Ask Jeeves that’s constantly evolving and improving.

Approving the fact, Morgan Stanley analyst Brian Nowak mentioned, “Google may be facing a challenge from newly developed services such as ChatGPT, but the tech giant retains a strong presence in the sector, boasting a user base of billions.

Could Chatgpt Take On Google? Morgan Stanley Claims That The Tech Giant Has Nothing To Be Worry About

Fear of Google’s preeminence in the world of internet search may be justified, as new natural language search models like ChatGPT can potentially lure away users who would otherwise have used Google. According to Morgan Stanley, however, Google remains the most popular gateway for internet users, and thus its dominance is likely to remain.

To compete with the staggering number of daily users that Google attracts, ChatGPT has a significant amount of ground to cover. OpenAI reported that the platform had garnered one million users in its first week. However, according to Morgan Stanley, any tool hoping to disrupt the market must provide something ten times better than its closest competitor to convince people to switch from the established giant. For now, ChatGPT has not yet reached this level of superiority.

However, ChatGPT can potentially threaten Google’s supremacy in some fields. One example is providing travel suggestions, which is not a basic search query and requires a little more imagination on the side of the program.

Google, however, is a major investor in AI and machine learning. According to Morgan Stanley, the corporation will continue to be regarded as the top IT behemoth in research and investment. It could even put a lot of ChatGPT’s capabilities to the test.

Google has invested $100 billion in AI and machine learning research and development over the last three years. Up to 2025, the company’s R&D expenditures are anticipated to increase by 13% yearly. Building LaMDA-style natural language models and funding the BERT machine learning initiative will enable robots to comprehend conversational context better. A project that trains computer code to develop, correct, and update itself was also started, which would lower the number of engineers Google hires.

Even initiatives that closely resemble ChatGPT are being developed by them. For instance, DeepMind, a Google-owned AI research facility, recently unveiled Dramatron, a new software that can produce movie scripts.

According to Morgan Stanley, it is becoming evident that the enthusiasm around ChatGPT will lure more significant funding into AI. And as AI advances, those companies with the financial resources to keep investing in the technology, such as Google, are likely to be at the forefront of the revolution.

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