ConsenSys Acquires Blockchain Notification Tool ‘HAL’ to facilitate Web3 Development

ConsenSys Acquires Blockchain Notification Tool 'HAL' to facilitate Web3 Development

The renowned Blockchain development firm, ConsenSys has announced the acquisition of the popular Blockchain notification tool HAL as an initiative to empower its Web3 presence. HAL is a Blockchain-based notification platform that allows users to create notifications for governance voting, trading, and tax compliance. With this acquisition, ConsenSys on-boards 40+ APIs built for “Blockchain listening and signals.”

This acquisition came one year after the brand acquired MyCrypto to join hands with MetaMask, a Web3 wallet. With this HAL acquisition, the plan is to build a better user experience.

ConsenSys Acquires Blockchain Notification Tool 'HAL' to facilitate Web3 Development

The President and Co-founder of HAL, Marco De Rossi, said, “Since day one, we believed bridging Web3 and Web2 is paramount to improve blockchain user experience, reach less technical people, scale blockchain to mass adoption, and fulfill the trustless, people-empowering Web3 vision we are all excited about. Joining our efforts with ConsenSys is the way to tremendously accelerate the impact of HAL technology by bringing it to millions of users.”

Apart from that, ConsenSys also shifted 10 HAL employees to its Web3 connectivity layer, Infura, to strengthen its Web3 development. These employees will work on low-code/no-code developments to develop APIs. These application programming interfaces will help ConsenSys evolve and make using tools like Infura for a new-gen decentralized internet easier.

Galano, the co-founder of Infura, said that the global audience had realized the benefits of the next-generation decentralized internet. It is the best time to initiate development at full pace. He added, “Over the last couple of years, we have seen a new flavor of the builder, looking to use lower code or even no code-type tools, but with the same functionality that developers typically have. Users want to be told when something happens on the Blockchain rather than going and finding it. That type of functionality is really valuable for people who might be interested in activity on a particular NFT or DeFi protocol they were following.”

He later emphasized the importance of a seasoned Blockchain developer. Galano said that an experienced and skilled Blockchain developer understands the functionality of different tokens and how they interact in a decentralized ecosystem. They can use raw data into something meaningful with little to no stress in its processing, whereas an amateur developer will mostly limit themself to just front-end tools.

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