Hexa Raises $20.5 Million to Bring Real Objects to the Metaverse

Hexa Raises $20.5 Million to Bring Real Objects to the Metaverse

With this successful investment round, Hexa, one of the most rapidly growing 3D modeling companies, is now ready to leap into 3D modeling. Hexa announced that it successfully raised $20.5 million in its Series A funding and saw active participation from key players in the space, including Samurai Incubate, Point72 Ventures, HTC, and Sarona Partners. The brand said the raised funds would be used to develop real-life objects as 3D models for the Metaverse. 

The 3D modeling service provider is already in strategic partnership with giants like Logitech, Unity, and Macy’s and is working on innovations that could make it easier to bring a real-life object to 3D virtual immersive environments like Metaverse. The brand is working extensively to build a semi-automatic modeling process that allows businesses to customize their store’s online catalogs with 3D models replacing those outdated 2D images. Today the process is extensively time and effort-consuming, including creating 3D models for a whole product library which consumes a lot of time, followed by deployment on either Website or any platform, including Metaverse. 

However, this is not easy for Hexa to build a separate space for its product considering the number of players in the 3D modeling industry, including giants like Vntana. Vntana has partnered with industry leaders like Meta, Realityscan by Epic, and Sketchfab. It will be challenging for Hexa to establish a sense of unique and simpler 3D modeling than other key players in the industry.

Hexa Raises $20.5 Million to Bring Real Objects to the Metaverse

Jonathan Clark, the Chief Technology Officer of Hexa, explained a little about this process and said.

“Taking a product library, converting it to 3D, inspecting it, and deploying it is a tremendous undertaking. But we’ve eliminated the pain points with a fast, scalable solution to a very specific problem everyone selling anything in the Metaverse will encounter.”

The company’s leadership is a firm believer in the scope of this innovation. Clark believes that this innovation will be widely used in multiple use cases, from simpler and easier Metaverse store development to gaming engines like Unity, allowing users to use these assets to make their experiences better. 

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