Coinbase Releases List of Potential Tokens to Be Included On Exchange

Coinbase Releases List of Potential Tokens to Be Included On Exchange

Hailing as a top-tier crypto exchange from the US, Coinbase has released a list of digital tokens that it is considering for inclusion in the second quarter of 2022 in its diverse ecosystem. With this move, the prestigious trading platform plans to strengthen its cluster, ensuring high-end transparency for users involved in trading. The list of tokens likely to get integrated into the exchange as announced by the team includes 45 ERC-20 coins on the Ethereum channel and five SPL coins using Solana’s decentralized trading field.

According to the blog post on April 12 of the exchange, the firm could include support for some of the biggest crypto projects available in the market space. This includes the third-largest stablecoin Binance USD or BUSD, and one of the largest DAO ventures, BitDAO or BIT, which presently holds a market capitalization of more than $1 billion to its credit. Coinbase has planned to enrich its customers with seamless access to information and data facts related to their favorite digital tokens supported on the trading portal with its new regime. Information symmetry can help the exchange encourage efficiency and transparency within the global crypto market. This also helps eliminate potential risks such as a pump and dump on a listing day through access to prior knowledge about the listing.

Coinbase’s popularity has made it a pivot for investors and firms that happily rely on its trading activities prior to making investment decisions. Coinbase listing has a strong impact on customers as well as the overall industrial domain. In 2020, OMG Network pumped nearly 200% in a short span of 15 minutes after its listing on Coinbase; however, soon, it crashed, leaving the investors perplexed. Firms such as DeFi data tokenizer Big Data Protocol (BDP) have welcomed the recent release. However, some investors responded to the news by calling the listings lackluster.

The popular crypto exchange has created a rage in the industry with its latest future plans. The exchange has planned to produce a series of three films about the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT collection for users. The platform has offered BAYC owners a striking deal of $10,000 to acquire the rights to use their apes in the films. In addition, the exchange has recently launched trading services in India to support its expansion plans in the country.

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