ParaSwap Unveils first NFT P2P Mobile app on Apple Store

Thriving as one of the leading DEX aggregators, ParaSwap has announced the launch of a P2P Non-Fungible Token trading app on Apple’s Store. Being the first of its kind on the iOS portfolio, the powerful app comes packed with a plethora of exclusive features and crypto management tools designed specifically for the crypto fans. In a Monday announcement, the ParaSwap team revealed about the Beta Launch Program that will help the users to explore the potential of the new product.

According to the announcement, the firm will allow 10,000 users to access the beta program. The customers staking at least $100 in PSP can easily get access to the program. All they need to do is to complete the registration process. The anonymity of the registration is managed by Zero-Knowledge attestations supported by Sismo. A waiting list is open for users that are neither stakers nor asset owners of PSP. The position on the list will depend on the level of a user’s social sharing. The user will get 1 point for every social channel like Twitter, Whatsapp, Reddit, etc. and 3 points for each sign-up on their reference.

Let’s learn more about the ParaSwap NFT trading app here in this segment of the article.

Exclusive Features and Mobile-Friendly Usage

With the crypto and NFT community expanding at a fast pace, ParaSwap is willing to keep itself ahead in the competitive market through innovatory steps. The launch of the NFT app can be seen as a potent initiative by the firm to attract more customers to its ecosystem.

Serving as a one-stop solution for traders, the ParaSwap mobile app offers seamless access to the portal’s core infrastructure. It is a like a treasure trove that opens doors to the best NFT trading and asset management tools. The iOS app will offer the complete portfolio of services to the investors similar to the desktop version. What makes this different is the fact that now investors can trade at their convenience on their mobile phones at any time and anywhere. Investors can use the app for purchasing crypto using fiat, store or control their assets, and trade P2P NFTs at their fingertips.

Easy P2P NFT Trading 

The year 2021 brought a significant surge in the popularity of NFTs and Metaverse projects. ParaSwap envisions to develop around the two technologies and strengthen the DeFi community. So, the team planned to integrate NFT storage and P2P trading in its mobile app. With this functionality, the investors will be able to purchase and sell via their choice of token independently without any impact from the token chosen by the other party. The trade offers will be gasless until processed to ensure streamlined trading experience within the portal.

On-Ramp Service Makes Crypto Purchases Easy 

ParaSwap has collaborated with Ramp to facilitate swift crypto purchases using Fiat currencies. The users can easily buy crypto assets via debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers, etc. The purchased crypto will be moved directly to the user wallet rather than to an exchange wallet. This will allow holders to enjoy full control over their assets. To celebrate the app launch, Ramp has decided to give fee wave-off to the first 500k or during a span of three weeks to all the first purchases of a Ramp customer in any blockchain excluding Ethereum.

Convenient Storage, Security, and Management of Crypto

The ParaSwap mobile app makes management of crypto assets in multiple wallets quite easy. It is integrated with several top-rated DApps, protocols, and services within the cluster. With the ParaSwap app, users can store, access, and control their holdings easily. The app promises to offer high-end security of funds. Users will enjoy full control over their data and iCloud backups to ensure that the data moves only at their choice and preference.

Crypto Swapping became easy

With the app, investors can access the powerful DEX aggregator tools of ParaSwap on their mobile phones. They can swap their crypto holdings at the most profitable rates in the market and that too with up to 100% gas refunds.

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