Visual Search and Chat Features

Bing Moves to Open Preview, Expands Visual Search and Chat Features

Microsoft has recently announced that it is taking another significant step towards enhancing its AI-powered search engine, Bing. The company is moving to an open preview phase, where users will have access to a range of new features, including chat and visual search. With these updates, Bing aims to improve user experience and offer a more personalized search experience.

Bing has been utilizing AI for several years now, but this latest update is set to take its capabilities to a whole new level. Users will now be able to chat with Bing, and the search engine will provide intelligent responses to their queries. The chat feature will be available to users on all platforms, including desktop and mobile devices.

Visual search is another feature that has been added to Bing. With this new feature, users can upload an image or take a photo and use it as a search query. Bing’s AI technology will analyze the image and provide relevant results based on the content. This is particularly useful for users who may not know how to describe an object they are looking for but have a visual representation of it.

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In addition to these new features, Bing has also announced the ability to export chat history, making it easier for users to review their previous interactions. The search engine will also integrate with several web services, including Office 365, OneDrive, and Outlook. These integrations will allow users to access their documents and emails more easily from Bing’s search results.

Furthermore, Bing’s visual search feature has been expanded to include more web integrations, including social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Users can now search for content across these platforms and find relevant results directly in Bing’s search results.

These updates have been in development for some time, and Microsoft’s commitment to enhancing its AI technology is evident in its recent investments in the field. With the move to an open preview phase, Bing aims to gather feedback from users to improve and refine its features further.

Microsoft’s latest update to Bing is a significant step forward in enhancing its AI-powered search engine. The new chat and visual search features offer a more personalized search experience, and the integrations with other web services make it easier for users to access their documents and emails. These updates are sure to make Bing more competitive against its rivals, and with continued investment in AI technology, Bing is poised to become a leading search engine in the years to come.

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