BULLZ joins Foundership To Accelerate Web3 Project Growth Through Scalable UGC

BULLZ joins Foundership To Accelerate Web3 Project Growth Through Scalable UGC

BULLZ, a Web3 social platform, has collaborated with Foundership, a Web3 startup incubator, and accelerator, to accelerate Web3 project growth through scalable user-generated content (UGC). This collaboration will link BULLZ’s growing Web3 creator economy with Foundership’s ecosystem of portfolio projects in order to increase Web3 technology awareness, education, and adoption.

Melanie Mohr, CEO & Founder of BULLZ, said, “We welcome this opportunity to bring our creator community together with Foundership’s portfolio projects to help spread awareness, education, and social proof for the Web3 community. Video is the most engaging form of storytelling, and video UGC is by far the most relatable way to communicate new concepts to new audiences!”

User-generated content is now an essential component of Web3 gaming. It improves monetization opportunities for creators by increasing the number of in-game items that can be created and sold for profit. Recent investments in UGC games have demonstrated that the true power of UGC in Web3 games has only just begun to be realized.

BULLZ joins Foundership To Accelerate Web3 Project Growth Through Scalable UGC

BULLZ and Foundership hope that their collaboration will foster startup growth by providing coaching, capital, and community support. BULLZ’s creator community will be able to join existing Web3 developer communities and add value by creating content such as whitepapers and videos as a result of this collaboration. This will aid in the spread of Web3 technology awareness, education, and adoption.

Pranav Agarwal, the Head of Capital at Foundership, said, “Working with so many upcoming Web3 projects and revolutionary founders, we know that scaling adoption requires a lot of user education. It’s exciting to see a platform like BULLZ supporting projects by kick-starting this content production and ultimately rewarding community participation through word-of-mouth marketing.”

Notably, BULLZ is rapidly growing, with influencers from lifestyle, growth, metaverse, Web3, crypto, and NFT constantly creating and possessing an arsenal of over 80K videos from Web3 domains such as NFT, DAO, DeFi, and Blockchain. Only 11K videos were created in the last month. Meanwhile, Foundership is looking for capital, coaching, and community building. Foundership maintains a global network of top Leaders, VCs, Investors, and Web3 founders and pioneers Web3 growth to assist members in shifting their orbit.

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