MetaVentures Phuket invites Web3 Enthusiasts and Futurists

metaventures phuket

MetaVentures Phuket is here with an event dedicated to The Metaverse, Digital Assets, and NFTs. So, all the web3 enthusiasts, fasten your seat belt for a fun-filled international summit.

This conference will cover the most recent innovations in the fields of decentralized finance (DeFi), digital assets, various forms of Blockchains, DAOs, tokens, and regulatory compliances around these areas.

International summits are critical for educating and raising awareness about the most recent developments. People from all around the world attend these summits or international events to improve the global society as a whole. This Metaverse-focused summit will bring together government officials,  multinational corporate executives, and other stakeholders. The most fascinating advances in the Metaverse world will be discussed by agencies, technical professionals, investors, and developers. You will learn how cryptocurrencies and NFTs are forming a new global economy, as well as how Metaverse firms are transforming the globe.

The last two years were majorly spent under the weight of COVID-19. However, it showcased huge advancements in the field of technology. We saw NFTs, Decentralized Finance, and now Metaverse creating buzz all around the world. People are eager to understand how and where the future is headed. To discuss all this and much more, MetaVentures is organizing this mega event on May 7-9, 2022 in Phuket, Thailand.

Renowned NFT-artists, collectors, and creators will display their collections and work on the main screens on the stage. Participants in the summit will have the opportunity to compete in a hackathon, in which creative teams will construct MVPs in a short period of time, with the winners receiving awards of up to $50,000. The Startup and Metaverse competitions will also be held. Everyone will get the opportunity to meet and converse with pleasant and amusing robots and witness an incredible drone night display, and much more! Interested candidates can book their tickets in advance. 

At the MetaVentures summit, attendees will be able to schedule meetings with investors, mentors, and partners, attend lectures and live-group discussions, share their experiences, enjoy first-class service, and benefit from successful networking at the afterparty.

The MetaVentures team will host a VIP dinner and party for VIP visitors, speakers, and web3 influencers in a unique location.

This mega event will serve as a platform for Southeast Asia’s professional community and tech enthusiasts to interact with global leaders in the web3 space.

Don’t miss out on the amazing opportunity to attend the year’s grand event! 

Blockchain enthusiasts who aspire to use the power of this amazing revolutionary technology to reshape the world, as well as its affairs, are invited to attend this summit and experience the enchantment of knowledge, unity, and creativity. We are sure that this summit would pique your interest in establishing a decentralized world structure in the coming future.

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