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  • What is Blockchain?
  • What is Ethereum?
  • History of Ethereum
  • What is Initial Coin Offering(ICO)?
  • How does ICO work?
  • DAO( Decentralized Autonomous Organization) & The DAO – What are they?
  • Connecting to Ethereum
  • Setting up Security groups & ubuntu servers
  • Installing Geth client & configuring Ethereum nodes
  • Enable Mining and checking balance in Ether Part-1
  • Enable Mining and checking balance in Ether Part-2
  • Setting up Metamask and Testing fund transfer
  • What is Ethereum Virtual Machine?
  • What is Solidity?
  • A layout of a Solidity File
  • Solidity – Value Types
  • Solidity – Units
  • Solidity – Global Variables & Functions
  • Solidity – Operators
  • Solidity – Control Structures
  • Solidity – Scoping
  • Solidity – Input & Output
  • Solidity – Function Calls
  • Solidity – Function Modifiers
  • Solidity – Fallback Function
  • Solidity – Inheritance
  • Solidity – Exceptions
  • Solidity – Import & SOLC Compiler
  • Setting up a development environment
  • What are Smart Contracts?
  • Introduction to Truffle Framework
  • Creating your first Smart Contract with Truffle
  • Testing your Smart Contract
  • Running a Smart Contract
  • Deploying your Smart Contract on Ganache
  • What are we going to build in Capstone Project?
  • Dependencies to work with Decentralized Applications
  • Setting up the development environment
  • Building the structure of Dapp using truffle
  • Modifying the front end of the Dapp
  • Writing the smart contract
  • Modifying the migration script
  • Compiling the smart contract using truffle
  • Deploying the smart contracts to truffle test network.
  • Running the Dapp on a test network.
  • Interacting with Dapp using Metamask.
  • Conclusion and Future Learnings
  • There will be an online training followed by a multiple choice exam of 100 marks.
  • You need to acquire 60+ marks to clear the exam.
  • If you fail, you can retake the exam after one day.
  • You can take the exam no more than 3 times.
  • If you fail to acquire 60+ marks even after three attempts, then you need to contact us to get assistance for clearing the exam

Certification Benefits

  • Build your decentralized application with acquired knowledge of Ethereum Blockchain.
  • Learn to develop solidity, smart contract and Dapps.
  • Prove your Blockchain skills & understanding
  • Grasp the in-depth understanding of Ethereum Blockchain & how it works
  • Implement your skills to any Blockchain projects

What you get?

  • Blockchain Council Certification
  • Lifetime access to the course content
  • 24*7 Support for all your queries
  • Hands-on industry project experience


Top job functions

  • Software Developer
  • Front-End Developer
  • IT Professors
  • Others

What does an Ethereum Developer do?

A Certified Ethereum Developer has knowledge about Ethereum Blockchain and transactions and can write smart contracts on the Ethereum network using Solidity programming language.

The Growth Curve ahead:
Blockchain Consultant
Blockchain Developer

Final Outcome

After completing this certification, you will have master the core concepts of Ethereum Blockchain that are commonly used across multiple industries to solve large-scale problems.

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