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Certified Bitcoin Trader

A Certified Bitcoin Trader is a skilled professional who knows how to trade in Bitcoin. What is Bitcoin trading? It works on the same principle of real-world stock trading. Bitcoin experts will generally have a certain number of Bitcoins that they would like to exchange for some other cryptocurrency or some other commodity for which an Exchange will help them to conduct the trade or buyer can just accept payments in their Bitcoin wallet.


A Bitcoin Trader is always aware of the complexities of the Bitcoin Exchange and Trading Market. Cryptocurrency market is quite volatile and because of its uncertainty, a lot of countries do not recognize bitcoin as an acceptable currency for trading moreover, being a disruptive technology without any institutional regulations the number of  Crypto friendly countries are very limited. One needs to have a good knowledge of cross-border crypto laws, advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin, nature of Bitcoin, and how doe exchanges function, what are short term and long term trading, and how to start trading in Bitcoin etc.

One can learn all these with Blockchain Council’s Certified Cryptocurrency Trader or Certified Bitcoin Expert course which is Live right now

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