Ethereum Classic Announces Partnerships With Blockchain Developer And DApp


Ethereum Classic Labs, the incubator accelerating the development of the Ethereum Classic community and ecosystem, has revealed the news of its partnerships with the social media DApp iZbreaker and Second State, the blockchain infrastructure developer.


iZbreaker is an invite-only, security community that connects global citizens with a three-degree network of friends-of-friends. It is a single dynamic platform that focuses on enabling engagement among shared interests and connections. It provides a private and friendly platform to allow members to engage in a natural and trusted manner, just like they do in real life. The DApp will allow participants to discover connections that enrich personal and professional relationships. iZbreaker addresses the need for relevant interaction and provides opportunities to find people, search for advice, inspiration, and ideas, and discover products and services.


Following the partnership, the iZbreaker website read as follows:


“Get ready for a brand new way of connecting with others in a world full of information overflow, commercial bias, and untrustworthy online spaces.”


Ethereum Classic Labs is a business incubator that has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. Founded in 2019, it supports projects which are built on the Ethereum Classic (ETC) blockchain. Ethereum Classic is a network, a community, and a cryptocurrency that takes digital assets further. Apart from enabling people to send value to each other, it permits complex contracts that operate autonomously. One significant feature of this blockchain is that it cannot be censored or modified. ETC Labs offers office space, advice, funding, and general support to the ETC blockchain community. The funding provided by them per project ranges from $100,000 to $500,000.


In the words of Michael Yuan, the CEO of the Second State, We are proud to be part of the development effort to make Ethereum Classic the most technically advanced and developer-friendly blockchain in the world.”


Second State provides an entire stack of the key infrastructure technologies for enterprise and public blockchains. The open-source solutions it offers include high-performance compilers, developer tools, smart contract-optimized programming language extensions, smart contract search engines, and next-generation blockchain virtual machines.


Ethereum Classic Labs partnered with Second State to create an open-source toolchain and runtime software that power the next-gen Ethereum compatible blockchains including the Ethereum Classic. This partnership will make the ETC blockchain a premier destination for smart contract developers and aims to bring about high-impact enhancements into the ETC ecosystem. Through this partnership, second-state will bring in engineering and product expertise to innovate on execution environments and programming language tools. The ETC blockchain will be the first platform to support such innovations.


“The main mission of iZbreaker is to ‘amplify serendipity.’ So much of social media is about focusing on other people’s past. iZbreaker is about paying attention to our own future and capturing the opportunities around us.”


DApp iZbreaker has partnered with Ethereum Classic Labs for building its participation, loyalty, and content creation rewards to facilitate a variety of transactions within the community. It will be providing development resources to build iZbreaker and will use its technical and marketing expertise for creating and launching a new decentralized application.


In the words of Terry Culver, CEO of Ethereum Classic Labs, “We were excited about the iZbreaker project and team from the beginning and thought it was an ideal fit for Ethereum Classic’s security, low transaction fees, and stability. iZbreaker’s unique approach lets participants expand and capture their community of friends-of-friends online and share their information on a public chain while preserving data sovereignty, integrity, and security.”


Building upon ETC’s public blockchain is ideal for unleashing the power of DApp iZbreaker and helps it achieve the goal of delivering a user-guided, secure discovery experience. This will enable meaningful connections for the world’s most influential and connected individuals, including artists, athletes, actors, politicians, entrepreneurs, etc.


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