What is Pancakeswap | Beginner’s Guide on How to Use Pancakeswap

What is Pancakeswap Beginner's Guide on How to Use Pancakeswap

What is Pancakeswap Beginner's Guide on How to Use Pancakeswap

As virtual assets managed to sustain their position in the financial space amid the COVID-19 crisis, it won’t be an exaggeration to call decentralization the new ‘magic’ word for ensuring success. 


The recent developments in technology made 2021 a blast year for the growth of new-age concepts like DeFi and NFTs that revolve around decentralization. The notion inspired Edutech firms to come up with courses like DeFi experts and NFT experts. 


With crypto becoming the mainstream investment tool for the masses, there was a rise in the demand for trusted Decentralized Exchange platforms or DEXs. These portals allow investors to trade and transact through virtual currencies in safe and transparent infrastructure. The global crypto market is expanding exponentially, witnessing active participation from the big fishes of the finance realm, and so is the need for a well-designed channel for managing these transactions with ease.


While several top-tier DEX platforms are available in the industry presently, we want to draw your attention toward one of the most potent projects branded as PancakeSwap. 


The Decentralized Exchange offers various tools and services dedicated to DeFi and crypto trading. So what are the offerings available to PancakeSwap users and how the platform is evolving as a viable solution for the cutting-edge DeFi space? You can track down the answer to these inquiries in the accompanying conversation around one of the most well-known DEXs on the lookout.


So let’s start our expedition of the PancakeSwap ecosystem and understand how to use pancakeswap!!!


About PancakeSwap


Launched in September 2020, PancakeSwap is the first and biggest decentralized exchange created on the Binance Smart Chain. It thrives as a powerful addition to the fast-growing DeFi space. In a short span of a year, while Ethereum has colossal support from developers and digital creators regarding DeFi arrangements, PancakeSwap uses the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The firm strives to establish itself as a potential trading solution and execute crypto-related transactions. The exchange’s core infrastructure thrives on suiting the requirements of investors coming from different domains. The portal has an in-built currency called PancakeSwap CAKE that fuels the entire ecosystem.


The support from the world’s most extensive unified crypto trading ecosystem Binance enhances the validity of PancakeSwap significantly. A robust in-built trading infrastructure promoting DeFi development, fueled by the BSC support, has brought PancakeSwap into a strong position alongside well-known DEX organizations like Uniswap and SushiSwap. Moreover, PancakeSwap allows its users to farm and stake their CAKE tokens to fetch juicy returns.


The DEX supports community governance, implying that decisions are not taken arbitrarily but after gaining consensus approval. The portal allows users to farm liquidity, offers tokens, and makes them access a plethora of other trading functions. The constant urge to streamline the trading experience for DeFi users by making things easy and rewarding is one of the top priorities for PnacakeSwap. Earning rewards on PancakeSwap is easier than you think, so why wait?


The project, which works to fulfill its aspirations centered around DeFi, by February 2021, emerged as a billion-dollar venture on the Binance Smart Chain network. The most recent upgrade introduced by the team in April 2021, addressed as PancakeSwap v2, enhanced its operational capacities and proved that they believe in improving by accepting changes focused on users. 


How Does PancakeSwap Function?


You are in the right section if you wonder how to use PancakeSwap. The character of PancakeSwap as a decentralized exchange is quite evident at this moment. Quite possibly, the most simple yet most viable part of the DEX is the dependence on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain channel. Binance Smart Chain offers a quicker and more financially savvy elective for Ethereum.


The PancakeSwap employs the Automated Market Model or AMM framework like other DeFi portals such as Uniswap. This implies that users can trade in crypto resources through liquidity pools. Traders need not rely upon an order book, where they have to hang tight for walking orders.


As reflected by the AMM framework, the investors need to add their resources to the liquidity pools that contain other users’ funds. Token holders need to store their assets in the liquidity pools for claiming LP tokens in return. Then, they can use these tokens for reclaiming their share and a part of the trading fees. 


One more significant feature in the working of PancakeSwap alludes to the improvement of liquidity pools. How might decentralized trade empower the making of liquidity pools? For instance, the liquidity snatch has inclined toward the trade, with more than $1 billion of the absolute worth of resources moved to PancakeSwap since its send-off. Hence, the PancakeSwap trade additionally includes a restrictive scope of chances for DeFi cultivation. 


You can store crypto resources in the liquidity pools on the DEX and become a liquidity supplier with LP tokens. Presently, you could store the LP tokens and put them in a cycle as a trade-off for remunerations with the portal’s native coin, i.e., PancakeSwap CAKE. After staking CAKE in SYRUP pools, you can get SYRUP in the proportion of 1:1, which qualifies you for remunerations.


Salient Features of PancakeSwap Exchange 


The DEX allows users to swap BEP-20 tokens within the ecosystem while ensuring high-end security and transparency. 

Contributing Liquidity

Anyone who has utilized any AMM-based convention would know how to add liquidity to the PancakeSwap application. The investors can swap tokens without any order books. To farm CAKE tokens, traders need to add liquidity to the platform. Liquidity is a fundamental prerequisite to cultivating CAKE tokens on the trade. Choose the token pair you want to deposit and add liquidity. 


With PancakeSwap, you can farm your CAKE tokens and earn juicy returns without any hassle. The users get a fair chance to earn LP tokens by indulging in farming on the PancakeSwap exchange. One can deposit their LP tokens on the farm and lock them in a process that fetches returns. The users can deposit trade pairs like CAKE – BNB LP, BUSD – BNB LP, USDT- BUSD LP, etc.


Staking is also a lucrative feature of the PancakeSwap DEX cluster. Staking on SYRUP pools is also a reliable tool for earning on the DEX. After farming CAKE, users can stake their CAKE tokens to earn other coins via unique staking pools. 



PancakeSwap allows users to fetch lottery tickets using CAKE tokens, apart from farming and staking. Each ticket costs nearly 10 CAKE tokens, and each lottery session lasts for about 6 hours. The platform allows a random 4-digit number between 1-14. For winning the jackpot, all the four numbers on the ticket should match all the numbers in the same positions. One can earn rewards even if two or three numbers satisfy the criteria. 


Ready To Utilize PancakeSwap? This is the way you Can Make it happen


Associate the Wallet

You need to tap on the “Open Wallet” option. You will then see various options available like WalletConnect, MetaMask, Binance Chain Wallet, Trust Wallet, etc.


Regardless of whether MetaMask is an Ethereum wallet, the design of the Binance Smart Chain empowers the utilization of MetaMask for connecting with BSC-based dApps. After associating the wallet with PancakeSwap, you can begin investigating the new DeFi convention and its fascinating functionalities.


Like ERC-20 tokens, proprietors need to give endorsement to moving BEP-20 tokens. Click on “Endorse Agreement” and afterward find a popup requesting affirmation of the exchange. You can likewise see the expenses related to the exchange. You should pick the sum you intend to stake and give your affirmation. A few users might search for choices to gather their prizes. However, you can do it immediately with the PancakeSwap DEX. Just tap on the “Reap” button and affirm an exchange.


Market position and future development


According to late crypto cost expectation, most fiat and digital forms of money have met with a similar sad destiny because of liquidity pools issues during the pandemic. As a result, numerous clients doubt whether it is profitable to put resources into PancakeSwap. 


Even though the CAKE coin has shown a fair run recently, many financial backers have deduced that the bull run could be far off. 


In April 2022, PancakeSwap (CAKE) had a market cap of $2.464B. CAKE had a bullish pattern all through 2021. As per PancakeSwap forecast, an expansion in the cost of CAKE could be visible in 2022 and 2023, taking the price to $11.5.


Calling PancakeSwap a top contender for the DeFi space won’t be an exaggeration on our part. The integration of the Binance Smart Chain acts as imperative help for developing the decentralized exchange. 


PancakeSwap is likely to enjoy tremendous popularity in the sector with its unparalleled trading services. We have tried to help you learn more about PancakeSwap DEX and its tools and services devoted to expanding DeFi and a decentralized economy.


If you want to keep up with the trends of blockchain industry, join our communities on Discord, Reddit and Telegram.

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