Growing Demand for Cryptocurrencies Creates New Career Options for Crypto Enthusiasts


Want to know what are the career options in the Crypto space? Is it worth becoming a Cryptocurrency Expert? This article will answer all your questions.


Table of Contents 


  • Why the Demand for Cryptocurrencies is Soaring 
  • Cryptocurrencies that are Gaining Public Attention
  • Crypto Space Indicates No Sign of Slowing Down  
  • Career Opportunities in Crypto Space
  • Conclusion

Why the Demand for Cryptocurrencies is Soaring 


The advent of Cryptocurrencies took the globe by storm. The generation of Cryptocurrencies started in the year 2009 with the launch of bitcoin, whose exact roots are unknown; however, the idea of bitcoin was first published in a research paper by an anonymous person called Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. As people in every sector now work more easily in a virtual environment, people are more drawn to the Crypto-space. One would assume, the greater the degree of compatibility between Cryptocurrency and everyday technology, the higher the rate of adoption.

Crypto-based ATMs allow for quick and hassle-free purchases of digital assets, but their mainstream appeal is still minimal. Cryptocurrency is seen by people as a potentially great digital asset to invest. The lockdown had given Cryptocurrencies a fresh lease of life, as even conventional investors were pushed into alternative approaches such as Cryptocurrencies during these tough times.

Cryptocurrencies that are Gaining Public Attention




2020 and the coming years, according to Crypto-specialists and Cryptocurrency experts will flourish, especially for Bitcoin(BTC) users. BTC still has the highest market capitalization, despite being the oldest Cryptocurrency. A recent, comprehensive study has predicted that this year’s price of bitcoin will reach nearly $20 K and continue to rise to almost $400 K by 2030. BTC reached a peak on September 1, as prices crossed $12,044 per coin, according to




At present, ETH is the second most common Cryptocurrency. June edition of the Crypto Research Report (CRR) predicted the price of different Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and others and estimated that the price of Ethereum is projected to hit $331 in 2020, $3,549 in 2025, and $3,644 in 2030.




Ripple is possibly the most commonly used coin for cross-border payments by many leading financial institutions worldwide and currently has a market cap of $10.94 B. The National Bank of Egypt has recently partnered with Ripple. As many banks are working with Ripple, the recognition and demand for Cryptocurrency is growing, which means that XRP’s price will continue to grow. 


Crypto Space Indicates No Sign of Slowing Down 


Crypto-friendly commissioner with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Hester Peirce, stated that demand for Cryptocurrency is rising as investors aim to expand their portfolios. Moreover, after the Supreme Court lifted the Reserve Bank of India’s controversial ban on Cryptocurrency trade in March, many startups and new players have joined the Crypto ecosystem amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 


LinkedIn, a social network that focuses on professional networking and career growth, reported that Blockchain tops the list of most in-demand “hard skills” for 2020. Glassdoor,,, some of the world’s largest job and recruiting sites, indicates that there are millions of Blockchain-related jobs in the Blockchain and Crypto space.


Career Opportunities in Crypto Space


As the Crypto industry continues to edge towards maturity, there will be several new job profiles in this domain. Presently, Certified Cryptocurrency Trader(CCT) and Certified Cryptocurrency Expert(CCE) are gaining a lot of attention. Let’s explore both of them in detail. 


Certified Cryptocurrency Trader(CCT)


A Cryptocurrency Trader is a skilled professional who knows in-depth what a Cryptocurrency is, how it works, and uses the acquired knowledge to make new utility tokens and Cryptocurrencies. Online certification offered by Blockchain Council helps individuals to understand trading in-depth, learn risk management, and trading psychology. Additionally, the organization focuses on teaching candlestick charts and trading strategies. This certification course is for all those who want to gain in-depth knowledge of trading rules and predicting markets.  


Certified Cryptocurrency Expert(CCE) 


A Cryptocurrency Expert is one who has a comprehensive awareness of various Cryptocurrencies and the working of distributed ledger technologies(DLTs). He possesses knowledge of bitcoin protocols at the professional level and can create and integrate applications with the bitcoin network. The online training and certification provided by the esteemed organization, Blockchain Council, covers many of Cryptocurrency’s basics, such as the Blockchain concept, Initial Coin Offering (ICO), how to exchange, what to purchase, wallets, etc. 

This certification course provides an advanced training level, which gives you profuse expertise on Cryptocurrencies and digital assets.




Undoubtedly, Cryptocurrencies are gaining momentum, but Crypto trading can be daunting and complex for beginners. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in Cryptocurrencies strategically and focus on return before making an investment. If you want to become a Crypto professional, there are ample career opportunities in the market. 

Getting enrolled in Blockchain Council can help you become a Certified Cryptocurrency Trader/ Expert.


 To get instant updates about Blockchain Technology and to learn more about online Blockchain Certifications, check out Blockchain Council.  


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