US-Based Blockchain Firm Partners With SG Blocks To Design Data Centers


As per a press release on 1 April 2019, United States-based Blockchain Holdings Capital Ventures (BHCV), which focuses on the energy, technology, and real estate companies, has partnered with SG Blocks to develop its multi-container data centers.


About BHCV And SG Blocks Inc.


BHCV is a public holding company which focuses on building a diversified range of complimentary cash flowing assets. It is built on the foundation of commercial real estate and has a specific energy footprint in opportunity zones with the aim of improving, leasing, and rolling out its mobile data centers to increase property value.


SG Blocks, founded in 2007, works with builders, developers, architects, and commercial clients to help them build maritime-grade, highly sustainable shipping containers to create both commercial and residential environments. They produce safe, strong, green structures using code-engineered shipping containers. Each project is customized according to client specifications. Some of its clients are Taco Bell, Starbucks, Marriott, and Equinox.


What Is The Data Center?


It is a centralized facility which houses an enterprise’s equipment and IT operations. It contains a network’s most critical systems. It is used to store, manage, and disseminate data. It is vital to the smooth functioning of daily operations. The architecture, designs, and requirements of each data center are unique.


BHCV has now joined hands with SG Blocks Inc. to build its data centers. The designing of these decentralized, multi-container data centers will be jointly done by both the partners. They plan to unveil the initial prototype during the fourth quarter of 2019. BHCV plans to establish a distribution network which will help boost the production of data centers. By 2020, BHCV aims to set up 150-200 distribution centers with the help of sales distribution channels. These centers will be of a permanent nature. It also plans to set up mobile centers, which are believed to be more adaptable and cost-effective. It can help reduce energy costs in secluded regions.


In the words of Delray Wannemacher, Founder and CEO of BHCV, “Blockchain Holdings is thrilled to collaborate with the leading container-based modular company on this project. We know SG Blocks will execute this to the highest level of quality and ensure our data centers are safe, secure structures – commanding the trust of our customers for years to come.”


We are proud to partner with Blockchain Holdings and begin working with them to create safe, durable data centers. The acceleration of data usage is creating a huge demand for new types of data centers and is a natural extension of SG Blocks’ expertise. We look forward to delivering results for Blockchain Holdings as soon as later this year.” This was the statement issued by Paul Galvin, Chairman, and CEO of SG Blocks.




Data centers have significantly evolved in recent years. Technologies such as virtualization are adopted to increase IT flexibility and optimize resource utilization. The focus is also on introducing initiatives which help reduce the enormous energy consumption of data centers by incorporating efficient practices and technologies in data center management. Data centers which match the set standards are termed ‘green data centers.’

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