Top 50 Venture Capital Investors In Blockchain

Top 50 investors in blockchain

Ever since Blockchain came into the picture, we have seen some massive development in this domain. Many companies and startups are venturing into it. Angel investors or VCs or Venture Capitalist that you may know have gained interest in this technology and have started investing in supporting such companies that want to work on Blockchain and its applications based on the same. Here we bring you the list of top 50 VC investors in Blockchain.

Name of the Company Basic Information Total Blockchain Company Investments Top Blockchain Investments Investment Done
Digital Currency Group This is one of the big names and is based out in New York. The company is one of the most prominent VCs in the Blockchain domain 58 Ledger, Circle Basis, Blockchain Inc. 78 million dollars
Pantera Capital Based out in Menlo Park, CA, this company invests in Blockchain and crypt assets 31 Blockstream, Coinbase, Blockstream, Ripple, Circle 65 million dollars
Blockchain Capital This San Francisco based company solely focuses on Blockchain venture. 37 Circle, Coinbase, Blockstream, Ripple 71 million dollars
Andreessen Horowitz It is also known as 16z and is one of the best and the largest VC firm 14 Basis, Harbor, Coinbase 55 million dollars
Node Capital This company hails from China and invests in ICOs 22, Delphy, Foundation, HuoBi, 20 million dollars
This multifaceted company works in AI, Blockchain and Crypto projects. It is based out in California and started investing in Blockchain in 2014. 32 Ledger, BlockCypher, Tezos, Coinbase 67 million dollaBoost VCrs
IDG Capital It is a private equity and VC firm in the US. Apart from here, the company also has its satellite office in Bengaluru, India. 8 Mars Finance, Ripple, Circle, 31 million dollars
Draper Associates It is a popular VC that invests in various other sectors apart from Blockchain . Draper makes investment in manufacturing, healthcare, technology. It first started its Blockchain in 2014. 17 Ledger, Coinbase, Factom, 25 million dollars
Ceyuan Ventures It’s a fairly new VC from China which started it investment in Blockchain in 2014 6, Basis, Mars Finance 36 million dollars
Lightspeed Venture Partners This is growing VC that has its office in California and apart from here, it has its offices in China, Israel and India. 6 Saga Foundation, Basis, Blockchain Inc., BTCC 24 million dollars
TechStars The company started off its investment in VC in Chroma in 2013. The company has majorly done small investments. 37 Filament, Chainalysis , 3 million dollars
RRE Ventures The VC from Colorado invest in different fields like media, technology, and financial services companies. 12 Paxos, Gem, Ripple, Abra 32 million dollars
Union Square Ventures This New York-based company has invested in Blockchain but its investment have been restricted and they are not as active as other. 9 Coinbase, Cryptokitties 28 million dollars
General Catalyst It’s a VC based in Cambridge and has invested in technology companies. 6 Bitwise, Circle, Bluzelle 28 million dollars
Liberty City Ventures This New York-based company was founded in 2012, it made its first Blockchain investment in 2013. 5 Paxos, Libra 29 million dollars
500 Startups It is an new entrant in VC and incubator fund . The company is based out in San Francisco. They have invested in around 1000 companies catering to different segments and industries. 16 Hijro, ibra Credit Network, BlockCypher 5 million dollars
Danhua Capital This new entrant from Palo Alto, CA has made its impact felt in the field of VC in Blockchain. 21 Origin Protocol Hedera,Libra Credit Network, Hashgraph 20 million dollars
Kindred Ventures It is an angel investor and VC which invests in early stage companies. 6 dYdX ,Radar Relay, TruStory, Rare Bits 15 million dollars
Sequoia Capital It is one of the best known VC firms in California  The company has invested around $12 million in Blockchain 8 Guanguan Coin, Binance 12million dollars
Future Perfect Ventures Its an early stage VC from the US. The company was founded by Jalak Jobanputra. 11 Abra, Blockstream, Blockchain Inc., 15 million dollars
Fenbushi Capital The company hails fro Shanghai China. It has made investment in BTC Media in 2015 and has till now invested 20 primarily seed and Blockchain startups. 17 Token, Symbiont, Ripio Gem, Stream 12 million dollars
ZhenFund Another company hailing from China which is actively investing in Blockchain. It is amongst the top 50 VCs in China. 10 Basis, BlockSeer , Silot, LIno 11 million dollars
First Round Capital The company from California is an early stage investors, it has invested in Blockchain and crypto startups. 8 Gem, Rare Bits, Amino Payments, 6 million dollars
Limitless Crypto Investments Founded in 2017, the company is based in Houston, TX . In a short span of 12 months it made huge investment in Blockchain. 6 Kadena LLC ,Tezos, Power Ledger 77 million dollars
FBG Capital The company from Beijing China has been very active since 2017 in investing Blockchain and crypto startups. 14 Lino, Ripio, Eximchain ,Origin Protocol 30 million dollars
Tally Capital This company from Chicago is solely concentrating in investing Blockchain. 9 Blockstream, Civic, MaidSafe, Blockchain Capital 35 million dollars
Google Ventures It’s a VC arm of Google that is working aggressively in promoting Blockchain startups and its application. 4 Veem, Basis, Blockchain Inc. 14 million dollars
Polychain Capital Hailing from CA, this company is a hybrid hedge fund/VC investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups 8 Basis, CoinList ,DFINITY 40 million dollars
Earlybird Venture Capital The company from berlin has its offices in  Munich and Istanbul. It invests in various other industries apart from Blockchain. 5 BigChainDB, Traxpay, XAIN Group 15 million dollars
InBlockchain This newcomer in VC in Blockchain has actively invested in this domain. It hails from China. 8, Eximchain, Lino, ONO 18 million dollars
Galaxy Asset Management The from the US has recently started investing in Blockchain and has invested huge amount in Blockchain stratups. 6 NuCypher , StormX, VideoCoin 23 million dollars
8 Decimal Capital This California based company usually focuses on early seed stage investment. 15 0x, Libra, BluZelle 6 million dollars
Mosaic Ventures This early stage VC is actively promoting Blockchain startup in London. 6 Blockstream, Blockchain Inc 21 milliom
Mandra Capital This Hong Kong based company started investing in Blockchain in 2014. 4 Overnest Inc., OKCoin, Chronicled, PINTEC 24 million dollars
Camp One Ventures The company is one of the top rated investors in Blockchain and technology. It hails from California , US. 6 Mobius ,Ripple, Augmate 2 million dollars
PreAngel Hailing from Beijing China , the company primarily invests in Fintech, Blockchian and crypto. 5 LendChain , OkCoin, Sensay, Origin Protocol, 5 million dollars
Abstract Ventures The company is based out in California and has invested in  series B funding round for Ripple 6 TruStory ,Ripple, Harbor 9 million dollars
Foundation Capital Although it’s a large VC from California but when it comes to Blockchain then have not invested much in it. 4 OpenSea , Origin Protocol, BlockCypher, 7 million dollars
Right Side Capital Management Its  a pre-stage VC that has invested in technology, Blockchain and crypto. 8 Airfox, Chroma, Elemetric, Hanzo 1 million dollars
AME Cloud Ventures The company is based out in California and was founded by Jerry Yan, co-founder of Yahoo. 6 Blockstream, Ripple, ShoCard, BlockCypher 12 million dollars
1confirmation They are amongst the newest entrant in Blockchian and has its office in California. They have started investing in Blockchain in 2017. 7 Basis, Harbor, MakerDAO, OpenSea 10 million dollars
Hashed It’s a VC and Blockchain accelerator having its base in Seoul, South Korea. Since 2017, it has invested in a number of ICOs. 4 StormX, SureRemit, Origin Protocol, 20 million dollars
FinLab It hails from Frankfurt, Germany and majorly invests in Financial services and fintech companies (Blockchain) 3 Iconiq Lab, Vaultoro, Abra 50 million dollars
Streamlined Ventures 5 PiggyBank, BlockCypher, Chronicled 2 million dollars
Greycroft It’s a New York-based company that has invested in a number of seeds and Series A funding. 5 The Block ,Sensay, BitPesa, 4 million dollars
Tusk Ventures It is a technology-focused VC based in New York. It has made series D investments in Circle and Coinbase.


3 Circle, Coinbase 26 million dollars
Catagonia Hailing from Berlin Germany, the company has invested in a number ICOs. 3 Envion, AppCoins, HydroMiner, Basis 50 million dollars
Compound This company has its office in New York and has invested in cryptocurrency wallet Gem and Blockchain platform. 4 Gem, Compound Labs, NuCypher 2 million dollars
Arbor Ventures The company from Hong Kong has invested in A and series B rounds for Abra, a digital wallet startup 4 Global ID, Abra, Silot 4 million dollars
JAFCO Japan This Japanese company is slowly making a strong mark in the field of Blockchain; It has done decent investment in Blockchain. 3 Tech Bureau, COMSA 27 million dollars

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