How Do Blockchain And WordPress Work Together?

Originally starting as a platform for the exchange of digital currencies, Blockchain has now emerged as a technology that has the power to disrupt any industry. One of the leading and the most innovative technologies, Blockchain finds application in almost all the business niches. Irrespective of the business domain, we find Blockchain helpful in establishing a transparent and clear platform for data or information exchange. We have earlier spoken a lot about Blockchain implementation in different zones like healthcare, supply chain management, etc. , but here I am going to speak about Blockchain implementation in WordPress. Yes, you read it right. Many of you reading this would be wondering what does Blockchain holds for WordPress and vice versa. Well, we will try to unfold this mystery ahead.


What is Blockchain?

The Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology which time-stamps all the data exchange that takes place on this platform. Any data that once enters this ledger cannot be altered or changed. Additionally, it is stored chronologically, thus ensuring easy traceability.


Taking things ahead, Blockchain also makes sure that the information is not stored at a central location, rather gest spread in the network. An important point to note about Blockchain is that all the information is stored as blocks. One block is attached to the other; thus, even if someone wants to change the data, the hacker needs to alter the other data attached to it. This makes the information secured and tamper-free.


What is WordPress?

WordPress is a popular platform for website development. It is by far the most easy-to-use platform available with various free plug-ins and easy to use the platform. Also, WordPress is the most popular choice for those who are willing to create an e-commerce development platform. It comes with various features like free plugins, easy to use administration dashboard, available in different languages and many other features which makes it the most preferred platform.


Now the question arises how Blockchain will affect WordPress?


Lets directly jump to Blockchain’s application in WordPress.

If you are looking for an accepting Bitcoin payment via WordPress website, the  Blockchain will work the best for you. It fosters trust and eliminates the interference of intermediaries, thus making the transaction faster and easier.


Global acceptance

If you are running an e-commerce website on WordPress, then you would know that there are certain restrictions when it comes to payment acceptance from certain locations. Bitcoin is a global digital currency, having Blockchain based Bitcoin acceptance plugin will help in catering to a wide array of customers.


Identity management

With the integration of Blockchain in WordPress, you can assure your users the safety of their ids and passwords. Digital identity management is one of the primary concerns that haunt the online users, with Blockchain you can offer the customer a safe platform where there would be no threat to their data.


Data security

One of the primary reasons people tend to deflect from using online portals for purchase or other purpose is the problem of data security. There is always a threat to the hacking of data and personal information. Well, Blockchain has an answer to all these problems. It offers data encryption allowing data to be stored cryptographically, thus making it difficult for data hacking.


WP Blockhian plugin

Recently WordPress announce the launch of WP Blockchain plugin. This will open a whole new gateway to step everything into DLT directly from the website.


Key features of this plugin 

It stamps users, pages, posts, and custom post types.

Visual hash trees.

Public and private stamp certificates.

Independent confirmation of transactions via independent block explorers.

Certificate header customization.


Additionally, WordPress is also coming up with a publishing platform, Newspeak. This will have Google and ConsesSys ( Ethereum Development Studio) backing it. This platform is going to have in-built Blockchain tools.


It is going to be an economical platform that is going to offer technical support to small and medium-sized companies. It has received a funding of $1.2 million from Google and $350,000 from ConsenSys.


Wrapping Up

We all know that Blockchain is a fairly new technology, but in this small period, it has created a huge impact. Blockchain integration with WordPress may not sound as lucrative development to many, but when it comes to long-term perspective, then it holds some future.

Some of the common challenges that hold online purchase are data security digital identity issues, transparency, and payment, with Blockchain we can expect a big transformation in these areas. Blockchain has a proven track record of showcasing its effectiveness in all business operations and so will it for WordPress.


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