Top 10 Reasons to Get a Blockchain Expert Certification


Blockchain, as we know, is one of the highest in-demand, candidate-short industries. But this high demand is not just for developers. This demand for blockchain industry knowledge spreads across various designations such as stockbrokers, marketers, receptionists, security guards, and shipping clerks. For example, a mining company may seek a  public relations manager who understands how to record company data on a transparent and audible digital ledger. An investment firm might be in need of sales managers who will be able to explain how customer trading gains will get deposited in digital wallets in real-time and available for withdrawal at an ATM.

That said, blockchain is finding its way into every industry and business we can possibly think of. Thus, it is important to be in tune with technological advancements and trends to stay ahead of the rest of the world. This is where certifications play a major role. Getting certified in blockchain will make you industry-ready by equipping you with the right skills and knowledge you would need to excel in the blockchain domain and open avenues for lucrative opportunities.

In this article, we will be discussing the top 10 reasons for getting certified in blockchain and for becoming a blockchain expert.

Who is a Blockchain Expert?

A blockchain expert is one who understands the capabilities of all blockchain platforms and programming languages.

He is capable of coding a blockchain network and defining its rules and protocols. A blockchain expert is skilled in the fundamentals of blockchain and uses his profound technical knowledge to build blockchain-based applications to re-invent traditional businesses. A blockchain expert is one who possesses a deep understanding of the basics of the blockchain, consensus algorithms, blockchain attacks, smart contracts, and blockchain use cases.

Top 10 Reasons to do a Blockchain Expert Certification

Let us now understand the reasons for doing a blockchain expert certification.

1.Cutting-Edge Technology

As revealed by a census, only 0.5% of the world’s population today are making use of blockchain. But the number of people who use the internet is about 3.77 billion or 50%. Hence, you have an opportunity to walk ahead of the world by learning blockchain. For this, you would need to:

  • Study the working of blockchain technology.
  • Learn blockchain-related skills.
  • Apply the knowledge learnt in building decentralized applications.
  • Gather useful resources and use them efficiently.

2. High Demand for Blockchain Professionals

Blockchain is a booming sector and one that provides ample opportunities in the job market. If you feel that you have the right skill sets to work in the blockchain domain and want to get adapted to this trending wave, equip yourself with adequate knowledge and enjoy the power of this revolutionary platform in which you will be able to swim in a sea of lucrative jobs.

3. Vast Infrastructure

The universal infrastructure of blockchain and distributed ledger systems can be integrated easily into the current systems. Any business will be able to access the infrastructure and use it for their operations. Its single infrastructure is connected with the other market, thus boosting creativity. This way, it will not be a hassle to integrate the blockchain’s infrastructure into the current processes. Blockchain can also be integrated with advanced technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to get better results and enhance its ability to disrupt different sectors using its universal infrastructure.

4. Calculated Investment in Cryptocurrencies and ICOs

Blockchain is the underlying technology of cryptocurrencies. So, understanding the concepts of a blockchain will help you make smarter investments and tradings. Also, knowing the concepts will help you shortlist the best ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) based on the concepts.

5. Data Security and Digital Identity

To understand how blockchain helps in blockchain security and digital identity, it is important to understand the current web infrastructure to find out how vulnerable we are now. Before using blockchain, sensitive data such as personal, financial, and identity data are given to online firms for account creation and transaction completion. We trust banks, online platforms, and merchants with our sensitive data. The data storage, which is a single entity the third party is vulnerable to online fraud, hacking, and data leaks. There is a huge chance of sensitive data being sold to unknown 3rd parties. Let us now consider the scenario after the implementation of a blockchain. In a blockchain network, sensitive data, instead of being stored on a single instance database, is encrypted on a distributed network. Here, you are the only person with the access key who has access to your data. You have total control of who accesses your data. There is no single entity that stores your data online. If blockchain solves these problems, why not learn to use it?

6.  Industries on Blockchain

Blockchain plays a dominant role in the technology market. Banking is not the only industry that is affected by blockchain technology. Other sectors, such as healthcare, voting, energy resources, and supermarkets, are incorporating blockchain into their processes. This marks the beginning of the shifting process. This ensures that uniquity value is driven and the transactions at the platform of blockchain are maintained.

7. Integration With New-Age Technology

Blockchain aspires to transform the world. Unique concepts have been produced through the integration of blockchain with commodities trading, real-estate, and voting systems. But the candidate that will push blockchain adoption the most is the Internet of Things (IoT).

As blockchain provides the ability to build a safe infrastructure for autonomous collaboration, it is easy to enhance creativity without worrying about the veracity of data.

8. Inflection point of an era

With blockchain, the world seems to be at the brink of an inflection point, that will directly affect the way people conduct their business. Financial institutions and many other industries have started acknowledging the potential and disruptiveness of blockchain technology. There are many predictions that blockchain technology will reach critical mass by 2024.

9. Good Pay and High Job Prospects

The job market looks bright for blockchain enthusiasts, right from crypto startups to established companies. In the coming years, it is expected to grow exponentially. Some of the job roles for which employers constantly lookout for candidates are:

  • Cryptocurrency Analyst.
  • Cryptocurrency Developer.
  • Cryptocurrency Trader.
  • Senior Software Engineer.
  • Systems Engineer.
  • Bitcoin Full-Stack Developer.
  • Cloud Engineer.

10. Absolute Disruption in Chain

Blockchain improves the fidelity and confidence between operating parties. It breaks down the workflow, paces up the inter-party processes, and lessens the value chain. This will lead to the refocusing of certain players in the value chain. There will be a lot of job opportunities as players must be sizing up their future position and managers must be reassessing their value chains.

Blockchain Expert Certification

One such blockchain expert certification that stands out is the Certified Blockchain Expert certification offered by the Blockchain Council. Blockchain Council operates on the mission of educating people and creating awareness among businesses, enterprises, developers, and society in the blockchain sphere.

Enrolling in blockchain certifications like these will equip you with profound knowledge in concepts such as the blockchain ecosystem, mining and its types, blockchain applications, blockchain technologies, peer-to-peer networks, consensus algorithms, blockchain attacks, blockchain architecture, smart contracts, and blockchain use cases such as supply chain, cybersecurity, healthcare record-keeping, digital marketing, finance, etc.


If you are interested in building the valuable skill of being able to understand blockchain completely from scratch and develop secure and robust blockchain applications for enterprises, do not miss out on the opportunity to get certified in blockchain technology and become a sought-after blockchain expert. To know more about blockchain certifications, check out Blockchain Council.

To know more about blockchain certifications and become a blockchain expert, check out Blockchain Council.

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