Tech Mahindra Plans to Build Blockchain Supply Chain Solutions on Amazon’s Blockchain

According to the recent announcement, Indian IT giant Tech Mahindra is collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build and deploy Blockchain-based supply chain solutions for various sectors. 

The collaboration is planning to build solutions based on blockchain technology to deliver its blockchain solutions to its customers worldwide. The tech giant, in partnership with AWS and other leading organizations, aims to build blockchain-based solutions built on Amazon Managed Blockchain for global customers. 

Blockchain Solutions Facilitates Business Continuity 

Tech Mahindra’s primary focus is to provide blockchain solutions for the aviation, telecom, and healthcare supply chain.

Besides these, Tech Mahindra is also planning to develop other blockchain applications across diverse industries such as banking and financial services, retail, manufacturing, oil and & gas, and others. 

Indian IT giant Tech Mahindra believes that by building and deploying blockchain solutions across such domains, it will help in facilitating business continuity during the times of a global pandemic. 

Rajesh Dhuddu, Blockchain, and Cybersecurity Practice Leader, Tech Mahindra, believes that implementing blockchain technology can benefit organizations in addressing the challenges they face. In his words, “Ensuring supply chain continuity is paramount and needs more attention in the coming times.” 

He also expressed his views regarding the collaboration with Amazon Web Services, stating that, 

“Organizations are advised to leverage technologies like Blockchain to address the challenges and create a competitive advantage for themselves. Our collaboration with AWS will support future pandemic preparedness and accelerate an economic rebound post COVID-19 for organizations operating global supply chains and eliminate silos.”

Tech Mahindra Blockchain Solutions will Aid Various Sectors

As global businesses are struggling to facilitate business continuity during this pandemic situation, Tech Mahindra aims to offer supply chain solutions for various domains, including aviation, telecom, and healthcare supply chain. For the aviation industry, it includes kit management to trace and track the kits effectively throughout the delivery process. Tech Mahindra’s blockchain solutions will also support the healthcare industry as it will help monitor and detect counterfeit medical items, including personal protective equipment kits, face masks, and hand sanitizers.

Tech Mahindra’s Notable Investments in Blockchain Space 

Despite COVID-19 pandemic crises, Indian IT giant Tech Mahindra has taken remarkable steps in the blockchain space. In July, the news was announced saying that Tech Mahindra has launched digital contracts and rights network focused on blockchain technology for the media and entertainment industry. Built using IBM’s blockchain platform, the framework helps producers and content owners monitor their revenue, royalty payments, and digital rights.

It was also announced in Feb 2020 that Tech Mahindra, together with the government of the southern state of Telangana, is launching a blockchain accelerator. The new “T-Block Accelerator” aims at supporting blockchain start-ups that have developed the technology as a strong case for real-world use and boosting the overall growth of the industry.

Earlier this year, Tech Mahindra became the first Indian company to use R3’s Marco Polo Network, built on Blockchain, to perform cross-border transactions more easily.

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