Sony’s new patent in Blockchain Technolgy – giving way to new age education system


The year 2017 is about to come to an end, and the one thing which has made some news apart from Trump’s victory is the Blockchain technology. It has gained the attention of all the countered and companies. Despite it being at a nascent stage, we have seen the humongous application of Blockchain in myriads of the field. Although initially it was associated with finance, now technologists have made use of its versatility to solve various purposes. The latest addition to this came with Sony planning to use Blockchain in the education sector. But before heading further let’s have an understanding of the use of blockchain in different fields.

Blockchain in different zones-

Well, technology has never ceased to amuse us, and when it comes to Blockchain, then we have seen some great applications which are mesmerizing. This technology has brought in some great transformations which are worth appreciation. Some of the common areas where blockchain technology is being used include:

  • Finance
  • Health
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Healthcare
  • Education and many other

The crux of the matter is that Blockchain technology is soon going to be a part of mainstream business operations.

Blockchain acts as a financial network, software, ledger, etc. Owing to this multitude of benefits and features, companies are now using blockchain technology is finding a wide array of applications.

What is the latest buzz?

We know that education sector is one thing which involves the use of a lot of paperwork. Although a lot of it has been replaced with the online system, still it needs improvisation. Since we have blockchain serving the purpose of the open ledger, companies are now making use of this feature of the Blockchain technology to create a solution wherein the entire data of students, their performance reports and other information related to their academic records, etc.

Sony, the very famous brand from Japan has decided to make use of this technology and use it in the education sector.

Sony has filed a new patent which says that the company will be applying Blockchain technology to develop an education platform. The company has partnered with IBM which is already working on harvesting the blockchain technology for the benefits humans and simplifying tasks. They are planning come up with a suite of services for the education sector. This platform would make use of DLT to store the student’s records and will act as part of a system for sharing this data with relevant parties.

It is titled as ‘Electronic Apparatus, Method for Electronic Apparatus and Information Processing System.’

What are the features of Blockchain that are used in DLT-

It has multiple features, and Sony has made use of its centralized ledger system and smart contracts to create a platform where information regarding students can be stored and obtained at the desired time.

How will it work?

Blockchain’s trust chain will be used to store information like educational qualifications, certificates, etc. It will also contain information like students has opted for which course, what was the duration of the course and certificates earned.

The objective of this project is to come up with a centralized ledger for storage of all the documents related students academic experience, ranging from grades, scores, diplomas, degrees, etc. This will reduce the case of forgery and false certification and also reduce the access to the student’s records. These records will be provided to the third party at the of job interviews, assessment and the like.

To sum it up, Sony’s step towards the application of blockchain technology in the education division shows that this technology is here to stay. With the kind of versatility and customizable approach, It will surely find application in other fields as well.

What else the application holds in its kitty?

The patent filed by Sony also shows other use cases. This system has been developed with an objective to come up with a podium which can cater to connecting the vehicles in common network. This will store the personal data of the drivers and also enable the car on the road conditions.

It can be said that the Blockchain technology is more than a technology which deals with cryptocurrencies. It is the technology of future.

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