Skill Sets Required to Become a Blockchain Professional

Skill Sets Required to Become a Blockchain Professional

Want to become a Blockchain professional but don’t know where to start? Wondering what are the skill sets required and how to become a proficient Blockchain developer? Well, we have got you covered.

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  • Overview
  • Skills Required to be a Blockchain Professional
  • Conclusion: How to Become One?


Blockchain is an emerging technology whose advent has taken the world by storm. It is a P2P decentralized distributed ledger technology that ensures transparency, immutability, and safety of recorded transactions without involving any central authority. At present, Blockchain technology is one of the fastest-growing sectors. Organizations and businesses are hunting for Blockchain Developers to make new implementations and advance their existing processes, and get ahead in the market. But here, it is important to note that they are looking for skilled professionals who are less in availability. Therefore in order to achieve higher success, it is crucial to master the skills of Blockchain technology.

Skills Required to be a Blockchain Professional

Now without further delaying let’s understand what are skill sets required to become a successful Blockchain professional.

  • Learn Blockchain Fundamentals

There are a few skills that are a must in order to become a proficient Blockchain professional. So it makes perfect sense that you understand and learn what its fundamentals are. The basic understanding includes distributed systems and concepts of networking along with in-depth knowledge of smart contracts and cryptography.
At beginners level, a basic understanding of what is Blockchain and how it works, why it is a distributed P2P network? What are the benefits and use-cases? Understanding what are different Blockchain technologies will be enough for the initial phase?

  • Get Extensive Knowledge of Data Structures and Programming Languages

If you have already decided to become a Blockchain Developer, it is crucial to understand data structures in order to understand the complex structure of Blockchain. This technology makes use of plenty of data structures along with advanced cryptography for building a secure and immutable system. Therefore, one should have hands-on experience on linked lists, graphs, hash maps, Markel trees, search trees, etc. Having knowledge only about Blockchain will be considered incomplete. Hence, it is important to understand the data structures properly.

Apart from learning data structures, you should also consider learning a few programming languages such as Java, Solidity, C++, Python. You can also learn JavaScript, Ruby, C#, etc., along with the languages mentioned above.

  • Become Competent in Blockchain Architecture

It is important that a developer has an excellent understanding of the working of a Blockchain and its architecture. Right from understanding its architecture basics to understanding tools required, you must gain an in-depth understanding of everything related to Blockchain architecture. It is the responsibility of a Blockchain developer to understand business components and technical elements of blockchain architecture, and learn how to translate requirements into functions, architecting your own Blockchain solutions, etc.

  • Know About Blockchain Security

Security skills are mandatory if you are planning to become a successful Blockchain Developer. You must gain a thorough understanding of Merkle Tree, cryptographic hashing, private key, and public-key cryptography, and much more. You need to have a complete understanding of Blockchain’s inherent security features and associated risk, in-depth knowledge of best security practices for Blockchain infrastructure, exploration of known Blockchain cyber-attacks, ability to differentiate between Blockchain cyber-attacks and threats, and ability to mitigate Blockchain security risk.
If this sounds too much, you can get enrolled in Blockchain Council that covers all known aspects of Blockchain security existing in the Blockchain environment today and become a Certified Blockchain Security Professional.

  • Understand Various Blockchain Platforms

Choosing the best Blockchain platform for your project can be a daunting task. Thus in order to develop Blockchain-based applications, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of its various platforms. Blockchain platforms enable the development of Blockchain-based applications that are in great demand and useful for businesses and enterprises. The Blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, R3, Ripple, and EOS are used widely by enterprises, startups, and SMEs.
Few popular blockchain-based platforms such as R3 Corda, Quorum, Ripple, Ethereum, Hyperledger are some of the excellent platforms that a beginner can start to learn about.

Conclusion: How to Become One?

Becoming a professional in this domain has become much simpler now, all thanks to the tons of online learning material. If you are planning to start a career in the Blockchain space, now is the perfect time to get into Blockchain development. For this, Blockchain Council, a globally renowned online platform, can help you become a Certified Blockchain Developer/Architect.

If you are interested in gaining an in-depth understanding of Blockchain technology, you can enroll in Blockchain Council.

To get instant updates about Blockchain Technology and to learn more about online Blockchain Certifications, check out Blockchain Council.

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