Scope of Blockchain in Digital Marketing

Blockchain in Digital Marketing

Wondering how Blockchain can transform digital marketing? You have landed on the right page. This article covers Blockchain’s overview, focusing on the scope of Blockchain technology in digital marketing and advertising.

Table of Contents 

  • Overview 
  • Ways Blockchain can Improve Digital Marketing and Advertising
  • Concluding Lines: How to Become Certified Digital Marketing Professional


Although the usage of Blockchain has been around cryptocurrencies and finance, there is no denying the fact that underlying technology could be huge for marketing. At its core, Blockchain enables smooth transactions without involving any third-party intermediaries. Moreover, it’s immutable and transparent nature ensures that data stored on a distributed ledger remains secured. Unlike AI and ML that are recognized as transforming businesses, Blockchain, on the other hand, is changing the digital marketing domain for the better by giving the power of data back in the hands of consumers. 

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Ways Blockchain can Improve Digital Marketing and Advertising

As we have gained a little introduction about Blockchain, let’s explore how Blockchain will improve digital marketing and advertising.

Enhanced Consumer Security and Privacy

Data breaching is a huge issue for all those who deal online as there are frequent changes of identity theft and compromise of finance-related information. Thus in order to deal with this, Blockchain can help in verifying each transaction. Although each transaction is publicly visible, the individuals involved are anonymous.

Moreover, it gives the power back to the customer who can decide what data they would like to share and whatnot.

Transparency and Authenticity 

Due to its decentralized nature, Blockchain can help consumers in figuring out all details related to a specific product like, for example, where the product was manufactured, who manufactured it, etc. With the advent of Blockchain, end-users are able to gain complete transparency and know every little detail about the products and thus are able to make an informed choice. 

Eradicates Fake Actors 

Although online is gaining a lot of public attention, it is also true that it involves many fake actors like, for example, fake followers, fake likes, and even fake products, which is why consumers have a hard time trusting advertisements. Due to its characteristics of transparency and immutability, Blockchain ensures that whether the money you spend on advertisements is going to the audience you’re targeting or not. Without any third-party involvement, one can deal directly with publishers; thus, marketing will be more effective.

Empowers People 

One of the most exciting reasons why the scope of Blockchain is flourishing is that it gives the value of data back in the hands of consumers. Companies that continue to pull customers’ data have benefitted by selling their information such as email addresses, contact details, and others. Blockchain has the potential to change and revamp the marketing industry. 

Brave browser is one of the Blockchain browsers, which is changing the way users interact with online advertising. It offers a new way of viewing ads while providing a deep level of security and privacy protection. Moreover, it allows users to earn and reward their favourite publishers with Blockchain-based tokens. 

BitClave, a search engine, uses smart contracts to link customers to businesses. Customers may earn competitive incentives and benefits for sharing their results. Yet they still have the confidence that the deals they get are both authentic and clear in terms of how their data is used.

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Concluding Lines: How to Become Certified Digital Marketing Professional

Certified Blockchain and Digital Marketing Professional is a unique certification specially designed to demonstrate how Blockchain can revolutionize digital marketing. This course focuses on the core concepts of digital marketing and Blockchain technology and discusses how technology can overcome the challenges faced by digital marketers in the current scenario.

The course offered by Blockchain Council will render expertise on eliminating digital marketing intermediaries, eliminating online ad fraud, building trust and transparency while giving customers full control of their information with the use of Blockchain technology. Certified Blockchain and Digital Marketing Professional training will prove to be your USP and will act as a catalyst to accelerate your career growth.

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