Quarantine and Boredom? Invest Your Time and Become a Blockchain Expert


Stucked in Quarantine and don’t know how to pass the time? This article illustrates how to make the best use of your time and become a Blockchain Expert.

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As the coronavirus outbreak continues to wreak havoc, it is becoming challenging to engage ourselves. Apart from trying new cooking dishes and playing video games, you can utilize your time in the best Blockchain certification courses that not only impart in-depth knowledge but also open the door to various fantastic opportunities.

Due to COVID-19, video chats are replacing face-to-face meetings, and the internet is at its highest peak. At the same time, online teaching programs have started offering heavily discounted virtual courses.

As the world has become almost digital these days, enrolling yourself in the blockchain certifications will not only keep you entertained but also prove to be your competitive advantage giving enterprises confidence in the quick hire.

Today, Blockchain has its influence in almost all sectors, including finance, asset management, healthcare, education, and more, and therefore it is crucial to learn and get certified to give your career the right direction.

Worth Exploring Blockchain Courses

Fate has handed us this giant chunk of time. Nobody knows it could be weeks and even months. There are thousands of online courses available, but here we are listing the best online certification and training courses to consider.

Blockchain Expert

A blockchain expert is one who can code a blockchain network and can build Blockchain-based applications for business purposes.

Let’s dig deeper into its definition.

A Certified Blockchain Expert (CBE) is a professional who has in-depth knowledge of different blockchain platforms, capable of framing the blockchain network and defining its set of rules and protocols in building blockchain-based applications to re-invent traditional businesses.

Blockchain Developer

A blockchain developer is one who analyzes business requirements, designs blockchain technology based on business models, and builds and launches networks.

Certified Blockchain developer course focuses on imparting practical knowledge on Solidity language, smart contracts, and other multiple technology-based developments.

Blockchain Architect

A blockchain architect is one that works with technology and R&D teams to design and build Blockchain-based solutions to leverage cross-asset concepts and frameworks.

This certification course enables you to build your own Blockchain enterprise with acquired knowledge and prove your Blockchain skills in top organizations.

Other Blockchain Specializations

Apart from the certifications mentioned above, you can also choose one of the following Blockchain specialization courses while sitting at your home. You can be a:
a) Certified Blockchain & Digital Marketing Professional
b) Certified Blockchain & HR Professional
c) Certified Blockchain & Law Professional
d) Certified Blockchain & Supply Chain Professional
e) Certified Blockchain & Finance Professional

Best Blockchain Platforms to Consider

Although there are many comprehensive lists of learning resources in the market today, for each of these, we will recommend a single resource.

Blockchain Council is an executive group of subject experts and enthusiasts who are evangelizing the Blockchain Research and Development for a challenging world. The platform aims at creating an environment and raises awareness in every field, including businesses and enterprises, by educating them in the Blockchain space globally.

The platform offers an exam-based Blockchain certification course to impart in-depth practical knowledge on the distributed-ledger blockchain technology, making you implement your skills in any Blockchain applications and build your own blockchain ecosystem with acquired knowledge.

Advantages of Certification Courses

  • If you are wondering if there are any benefits of getting certified, let us enlists the advantages, especially at the time self-quantization.


  • Certification courses can help candidates to give an excellent start to their careers even without much hands-on experience.


  • With certification knowledge, one can put his/her skills to use in any big IT organization.


  • Courses and training will help in building theoretical knowledge and practical implementation skills as well.


  • Certification courses will always be an added advantage to your resume.


strong>Apart from all the above, it shows your efforts, talent, and interest to stay updated even at the time of epidemic such as COVID-19.


How long this situation of the epidemic is going to exist, nobody knows. But with the Blockchain certification courses, you can stand out from the rest of the crowd and prove yourself exceptional. When others are busy playing and investing their crucial time in video games, you can be the one to break the trend. By learning these new skills, you can put yourself in a position to do the maximum amount of good for yourself and the community.

Let us all hope that the world can bounce back from the coronavirus. Stay safe, stay home!

Curious to learn more about Blockchain certifications? Check out Blockchain Council today.

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