Linkedin: Blockchain is 2020’s Most Demanded Tech Skill

“660 plus million Professionals and 20 plus million jobs” social network company, LinkedIn, in its recent research report at LinkedIn Learning, has published the skills that workforce value the most and Blockchain, undoubtedly, topped the Hard Skill category in 2020. It is worthwhile to note that Blockchain had emerged as a supporting platform to the cryptocurrencies in 2009 but has numerous applications across various industries now. LinkedIn has also published the most demanded list of Soft skills.

Blockchain (to store, validate, authorize, and move data across the internet has evolved to store and send any digital asset securely), which is new to the list, has toppled Cloud computing to secure the first position among most demanded skill among the corporates. The prominent reason for this top rank is the small supply of blockchain professionals over high demand of the skill, determined by identifying the qualifications listed on the LinkedIn profiles of professionals who are being hired and paid at the highest rates in the industry.


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Other tech skills that made it to the list are Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics, etc. apart from Sales, Affiliate Marketing, Video Production, and UX Design.

The report mentions that business behemoths like IBM, Oracle, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, Amazon, and American Express are all actively looking for candidates who have blockchain expertise while hiring. Namrata Murlidhar, Director of Marketing at LinkedIn, mentions that companies are looking at blockchain as a transformational technology. Blockchain has come a long way from the backbone of cryptocurrency to business solutions across industries. It is not just financial services that now need blockchain experts to put blockchain to use in the organization, and recruiters have now become familiar with this technology and perceive its benefits for long term business growth. The promises that blockchain seems to fulfill is overshadowing the skeptics’ views in terms of cost and time efficiency. But developments are being made for standardized protocols to align the blockchain partners.

The top five soft skills sin demand are Creativity, Persuasion, Collaboration, Adaptability, and Emotional Intelligence.

Hard skills belong to an employee’s ability to perform any specific job and incorporate specialized knowledge and technical skills like software development, tax accounting, or patent law expertise. Whereas soft skills belong more to the way those jobs are done, that is how employees adapt, collaborate, or solve problems and make decisions.

Earlier in the LinkedIn Asia Pacific report “The Future of Skills” 2019, Blockchain has been nominated among the top Rising skills among professionals with target occupations like Blockchain Developer, Chief Technology Officer, and Blockchain Consultant. APAC’s blockchain-based industry is targeted to be worth $16 billion by 2024.

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