How Blockchain Certifications Give Experts A Professional Edge?


Blockchain is a disruptive, emerging technology that is being widely adopted by businesses in various industry verticals across the globe. It is being adopted by aspiring blockchain professionals, blockchain experts, and several industries to achieve a competitive advantage. Students have already started evaluating how blockchain can be used in specific industries and fields to gain a perfect competitive advantage.

In this article, we will understand how blockchain certifications help gain a professional edge. But before that, we will understand the term ‘blockchain.’

Why do Businesses Consider Blockchain?

Blockchain technology is currently paving the road to change. That is the main reason for companies turning to blockchain.

1. Excellent Scope for Opportunities

Numerous companies today are researching and adopting this disruptive innovation. Blockchain has the potential to impact the entire spectrum of the marketplace. Those who are engaging in blockchain now will have the potential to shape the future of the industry, just like Xerox revolutionized the document management industry. In the same way, companies and professionals are becoming leaders and setting the rules for everyone else.

2. Now is the Time

With any new technology, you should never wait too long to take the leap of faith. Analyzing how blockchain will fit into your business and career today will give you the power to redefine the rules. It is important to remember that progress and profit go hand in hand.

3. Additional Source of Capital

Startups often face problems when raising funds for projects. Startups and initiatives are using blockchain technology for offering ICOs. They can introduce their own cryptocurrency and exchange tokens for commodities and services across the globe.

4. Blockchain is the Future

Tech firms, startups, and businesses are investing time and money in the blockchain. Just like how computers and the internet evolved, it is evident that we are on the verge of something phenomenal with blockchain, as it is already taken the world by storm though it is still said to be in its nascent stages.

Reasons to Prefer Blockchain Certifications Over Degrees

  • Certificate courses are often shorter than those offered by universities. Certifications are more time-efficient when compared to lectures.


  • Certifications are readily available, and you will not be required to change your geographical location as you can take the tests from anywhere in the world.


  • Certifications are much cheaper than degrees, and there are no extra costs involved, such as food, accommodation, etc.


  • Certifications are subject centric than degrees.


  • People belonging to all age groups and walks of life can opt for certifications. Certifications are diversified and are not age-restrictive.


  • Certifications are more universally recognized than degrees.


  • Businesses and executives today prefer skills over theory. Certifications are skill-oriented, whereas degrees are theory-oriented.


  • The curriculum of certifications is up-to-date than degrees.


  • You can enrol in a certification program without discontinuing your education or job.


Gaining a Professional Edge With Blockchain Certifications

In today’s competitive and cut-throat world, it is highly important for students to be certified in blockchain to gain the perfect professional edge in their careers. Getting certified in blockchain will provide them with specialized knowledge and will help them critically assess the risks and benefits of adopting blockchain technology. They will also be able to analyze and examine the various ways in which they can support organizations in taking advantage of future trends to achieve a competitive advantage. Gaining a clear view of the technological landscape and the tools available, it is important to sign up for blockchain certifications as they will provide you with the most demanded skills and expertise in less time.

Here are some of the proven benefits of getting certified in blockchain technology.

  • Blockchain certifications can have an immediate impact on your career as they can multiply your earning potential to a great extent. According to reports, holding a blockchain certification increases their income by 25%. For women, it is 13%. According to research done by a university, 4 million workers (3 per cent) of the workforce have certificates.


  • You will be able to stand out from the rest of the pack.


  • Certifications help build reputation and professional credibility.


  • Getting certified shows your superiors that you are ready to learn and willing to be trained.


  • Getting certified in blockchain will put you on the right track.


  • You will become a better leader and mentor with a certification. One way of entering the blockchain space is by getting certified as it will be the perfect ticket for you to enter the crypto doorway



If you are fascinated by the blockchain space and want to build your career in it, the best option is to enroll in a comprehensive blockchain certification. Blockchain certifications are valuable investments as they let you shape your own fulfilling and empowering professional career.

To know more about blockchain and become a blockchain expert, check out Blockchain Council for the latest updates on blockchain certifications.

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