Ethereum Expert: Master The Art Of Leveraging Blockchains


Before Ethereum was developed, blockchain applications could only perform a limited set of operations such as the cryptocurrencies which were created only to operate as peer-to-peer digital currencies. The developers thus faced a problem. In order to perform more operations, they had to expand the set of functions which would become more complicated and consume more time, or they would have to develop an entirely new blockchain application and a platform. Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, recognized this predicament and developed a new approach which was termed the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This would enable anyone to run any program regardless of the programming language.


What Is Ethereum?


As we all know, Ethereum is an open-source, distributed computing platform which features smart contract functionality. It is a decentralized, global platform for money and many other applications. Ethereum allows us to write codes to control money and build applications which are accessible from anywhere in the world. It is a public blockchain which allows application developers to pay using Ether (Ethereum’s cryptocurrency) for services availed on the Ethereum blockchain.


Who Is An Ethereum Expert?


An ethereum expert is one who develops decentralized applications and protocols to improve fault tolerance and for processing large chunks of data. He runs programmed applications on a custom-built blockchain.


Required Qualifications For An Ethereum Expert


  • A basic understanding of web development tools such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Node.js, as it will be useful for learning to build DApps.


  • A solid understanding of the basics of distributed ledger technology, and permissioned and permissionless blockchain networks.


  • A strong foundation in any of the in-demand programming languages such as C++, Java, Go, Solidity, Rust, and SQL.


  • In-depth knowledge of data structures and the architecture of the Ethereum blockchain.



Roles And Responsibilities Of An Ethereum Expert


  • Implementing testing practices to ensure safety.
  • Building robust Ethereum blockchain applications for the organization and its clients.
  • Supporting the organization in building and deploying blockchain solutions.
  • Working closely with the application development and research teams for custom blockchain implementations.
  • Playing an active part in the company’s research initiatives.
  • Collaborating with the internal software engineering team and open-source contributors.


Future Of An Ethereum Expert


Ethereum is now witnessing a widespread adoption. Ethereum is an enterprise blockchain which has a sizeable base of large businesses which leverage Ethereum for the proper functioning of their business operations. The Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA) is a notable platform which links up Fortune 500 companies with Ethereum experts. These companies include Intel, Microsoft, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, etc.


Ethereum will certainly be the front and centre of everything if the future becomes decentralized and DApps become increasingly popular. Ethereum, given its potential, has the chances of becoming the ultimate software platform of the future. With blockchain-related jobs increasing at a rapid pace each day and with more and more companies looking out for skilled Ethereum experts and Ethereum developers, Ethereum is becoming one of the most exciting blockchains out there, and it is only going to get bigger and better with time.


Today, the blockchain domain is rife with opportunities for both freshers and experienced candidates alike. IT professionals with experience in system security and administration have a lot of lucrative career options when it comes to bagging jobs in the blockchain domain. According to news reports, the global market for blockchain-related products and services is estimated to reach $7.7 billion by the year 2022. This statistic provides further assurance of the sea of jobs which will be available in the future in the blockchain sphere for blockchain enthusiasts and professionals.


Job Options For An Ethereum Expert


  • Ecosystem Engineer
  • Blockchain and Smart Contracts Developer
  • Ethereum Smart Contracts Engineer
  • Ethereum Researcher
  • Ethereum News Writer



Blockchain Council is a prestigious platform which is making a positive difference through the certifications it offers. Blockchain Council comprises of a team of like-minded, authoritative experts who are evangelizing use cases, products, knowledge, and blockchain research and development for a better world. The courses provided by Blockchain Council help bridge the knowledge gap by revolutionizing the online learning landscape with respect to blockchain technology.


Blockchain Council provides a conducive learning environment by educating a vast group of individuals ranging from students, entrepreneurs, executive managers, innovation managers, business administration experts, and Chief Executive Officers in the blockchain space. Blockchain Council is a private de-facto organization which works individually and proliferates blockchain technology globally.


Need For A Blockchain Certification


Considering the fact that Blockchain technology, in general, has the potential to be the technology of the future, it is highly important to hold a blockchain certification. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and undertaking a certification in blockchain will make you industry-ready, thereby providing you ample opportunities to shine and make your mark in this revolutionary sector. A blockchain certification equips you with the right skill sets to work in this sector and makes you quickly adapt to this trending wave.


Certified Ethereum Expert


Master the art of leveraging the Ethereum blockchain to aid in the smooth functioning of business processes in enterprises across numerous industry verticals. This course will help you understand all about Ethereum transactions, smart contracts, and the Solidity programming language.


The core concepts covered in the Certified Ethereum Expert course are:


  • Basics of blockchain.
  • Types of blockchain technologies.
  • Ethereum consensus algorithms.
  • Ethereum mining.
  • DAO attack.
  • Soft fork and hard fork.
  • Smart contracts- working and use cases.




As most of us are aware, the technological landscape is under constant change, and blockchain technology is no exception to this. The Ethereum tech ecosystem is constantly changing for the better. By learning these core concepts and technologies explained in the exhaustive learning material provided by Blockchain Council, you will be able to adjust to the Ethereum ecosystem, which is, however, set to change greatly.

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