ETHA Lend is here to simplify Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

With the advent of blockchain technology and its evolution, Decentralized Finance or DeFi has emerged as an extremely flourishing sector that offers decentralized financial solutions in the form of open source applications and all that at a much lesser cost. However even though dApps, Decentralized Protocols and smart contracts intend to make sure that they can offer much higher returns on their investments, many consider that one of their primary drawbacks is the complexity involved in the entire process. Many experts are of the opinion that this complexity is one of the primary reasons because of which, the average users refrain from participating in the overall Decentralized Finance ecosystem.

It offers to eliminate all such hindrances involved in the conduction and adoption of DeFi applications, so that it becomes a lot easier for general users and asset classes to fully understand and access the rewarding opportunities that these decentralized applications offer in the realm of finance, which were otherwise inaccessible to them previously.

What exactly is ETHA Lend?

ETHA Lend can be described as an agnostic yield optimizer that is entirely powered by the popular Polygon blockchain network. On the 15th of July, its mainnet was launched on the Polygon POS chain with the aim of securing maximum scalability and at the same time, providing the users with the option of minimal gas fees. 

Through the use of advanced DeFi features available on the platform, ETHA Lend is aiming to provide the users with a much simpler user experience which is also a lot more efficient. They are also leveraging state-of-the-art systems of automation and other hybrid models as enforced by the cutting-edge smart contracts. 

Interoperability and faster discover algorithms 

ETHA Lend has recently made an API upgrade in their system after which it can calculate the allocation of any asset under asset supplies in under a second. The discovery algorithm which belongs to ETHA Lend is therefore 700 times faster than it previously was and this is a staggering achievement. The implications of this are beyond comprehension. This will help in bringing algorithmically sought inclusiveness and yields of optimal levels. The factors on which the algorithm bases its functions can be summed up as volatility of yields as according to the past and the present metrics, the budget of the assets that are supplied and the latest gas charges, in order to calculate the allocation of assets. 

One of the most important features of the functions of ETHA Lend as a yield optimizer for decentralized finance protocols is that the platform allows interoperability. In simpler terms, this interoperability entails that the ETHA Lend can be upgraded in order to integrate any new version of DeFi protocol with the purpose of maximizing yields and all of this can be done without going through any bit of hassle.

Portfolio Rebalancing and Significantly Lower Gas Fees

The portfolio rebalancing strategy adopted by ETHA Land is really unique. Users will be able to maximize their earnings through optimizing the platform. They can achieve this by simply rebalancing their allocation of assets later in the future.

ETHA Smart Wallet

The Smart wallet option of the ETHA Lend platform is really unique and offers unique features to users that are helpful in order to save gas fees. 

The wallet enables the users to conduct multiple transactions using different assets, all at the same time. In order to make this entire experience more accessible and more intuitive, ETHA Lend allows their users to delegate their smart wallets to any other users. 

The users will have to create their ETHA Lend smart wallets only once while interacting with the given protocol. After that, no matter when they visit any new DeFi protocol or a new decentralized application, they will not have to approve, allow or even authenticate a certain transaction. This works like a charm since the users save not only on significant gas charges but also get to save a lot of time.


One of the most standalone features of the platform is the introduction of eVaulst. With the help of certain specific strategies, the eVaults offer maximum yields on the assets of a user. This feature allows the users to invest and reinvest their assets under best conditions in an effort to maximize their yields.

wBTC eVaults and wETH eVaults are the two different types of eVaults that are being offered on the ETHA Lend platform. Each of the eVaults are unique in their strategic approach to protect and safeguard the user’s assets against the volatile conditions of the market. 

The ETHA Lend platform is coming up with exciting additional new features such as the ETHA Lending Market where they are offering four different pools for people to invest in. USDT, DAI, USDC and MATIC are the four pools currently being offered on the Platform. Since this entire thing runs on Polygon, users are not required to pay a deposit. 

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