Emerge Designed Blockchain-based App to Track Coronavirus Pandemic in Latin America

Emerge, a blockchain startup based in Toronto, is launching a public safety system app called Civitas to help local authorities in many nations fight against novel coronavirus pandemic.

Although scientists haven’t yet discovered any medications or vaccines that are proven safe, effective, and reliable to contain coronavirus pandemic, Emerge is working with  Penta Network to solve the major challenges. Penta is recognized to have won numerous awards and honors for its pioneering work in blockchain.

The report highlighted that they are deploying supply chain solution, Theseus, to tackle heightened demand for medical supplies and medications.


Theseus offers end-to-end traceability via a tracking solution with QR tags, RFID, and smart sensors that enable supply chain stakeholders to achieve near-real-time visibility into their products’ entire journey. Backed by blockchain technology, Theseus improves the speed, reliability, efficiency, transparency, and traceability of whole supply chains, from producers to shippers to end-users.


According to a company, the app was designed “to improve safety and cut store wait times by reducing gatherings in tight spaces, reducing the probability of contagion.”

The software program could associate locals’ government ID numbers with unique blockchain records that allow authorities to determine whether they qualify for permits to leave their premises. If citizens experiences coronavirus symptoms, the app could help to decide which days are safest for them to go out for daily chores.

World Adopting Blockchain Technology to Contain COVID-19


As reported by the Emirates News Agency, The United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Community Development (MOCD) has begun relying on the use of digital identity through blockchain-based systems for the digital authentication of official certificates and other documents. This allows workers to practice sheltering in place while working from home to reduce the spread of COVID-19. 


In the Netherlands, distributed ledger technology firm Tymlez has offered its blockchain platform as the underlying technology to “model the medical goods ecosystem through a platform that matches supply and demand.” The firm’s blockchain will be used to ensure transparency across the supply chain — preventing predatory value extraction, such as price gouging, amid the coronavirus pandemic.



The report further explained, “By working with stakeholders ranging from supermarket chains and hospitals to SMEs, media outlets to scientists, international non-governmental organizations to government agencies, we will help communities stay safe and recover as quickly as possible from the health and economic damage caused by COVID-19”.


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