Cyprus Claims to Store COVID-19 Test Results on Vechains’s Blockchain Platform 


Blockchain tracking platform VeChain announced on Twitter that its blockchain-based medical data management platform has gone live in Cyrus Hospital and will store COVID-19 testing results.  According to the Twitter announcement, “The platform will allow citizens to prove their health status in order to return to work or travel abroad.”


E-NewHealthLife platform was deployed in the Mediterranean Hospital in the Republic of Cyprus. Moreover, with considerable success, E-HCert App is now successfully being adopted by Cyrus Hospital. E-HCert’s official website states that innovation will help in the long run even after the pandemic in terms of reducing the cost of data storage and data sharing.


VeChain is one of the earliest blockchain technology companies in the world, with offices in the US, China, Europe, Singapore, and Japan. The platform has supported digital business transformation use cases for blockchain solutions in industries such as automobiles, food safety, carbon emission reduction, and many others. It aims to facilitate and secure the collection, management, and exchange of data.


What all E-HCert App Provides?


The present electronic health record systems have severe deficiencies in terms of interoperability, immutability, traceability, cost, and other related concerns. The E-HCert app aims to solve all these issues and will be a digital wallet not only for the coronavirus outbreak but also for the lab tests of Cyrus Hospital in the near future.


With the real-time diagnostic and antibodies testing in the hospital, the Vechain platform will store medical and test records on the blockchain. The encrypted and hashed records will be uploaded on VeChainThor Blockchain with results available on E-HCert App. E-HCert App displays immutable test results, and lets patients have full control over their medical records. After the test, people can access their results through this app. Further, the app can also be used to prove one’s health status.


The App in the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyrus will reduce the cost of data storage, facilitates the digital transformation of Healthcare, and rapidly provide secure and legit access to patients’ information.


Blockchain Modernizes Medical Data Management 


The coronavirus pandemic has seen DLT deployed in a wide variety of contexts, including medical supply tracking, data management, and distributing donations. Recently, it was reported that Civic Wallet has collaborated with Circle Medical, a San Francisco hospital. Together, they will act as a Covid-19 vaccination-proofing tool for Circle Medical’s employees. 

To combat the deadly coronavirus, in April 2020, it was announced that blockchain technology would be used to ensure the authenticity of Chinese KN95 face masks by leveraging VeChain. Amid the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, it was spotted that China has also turned to blockchain to manage medical data, track the supply of virus prevention materials, and consult the public.


Apart from the medial domain, Vechain has also recently partnered with various companies across the globe. Traceability-focused blockchain project, VeChain, has announced a partnership with China’s Shenzhen Yuhongtai Foods Company. This will allow Shenzhen to track pork products distributed by the retailer’s subsidiary, Meijiada Fresh Foods. Also, Sam’s Club, a China-based subsidiary of Walmart, has partnered with blockchain-based supply chain management platform VeChain (VET) to trace food products sold by the shopping chain.


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