What Is Chain Core Technology & How It works?


Chain Core is a platform which helps to initiate and transfer financial assets on the basis of permission from the Blockchain infrastructure. Furthermore, this technology helps the finance companies and firms to launch and operate a Blockchain network, or connect to a growing list of other networks that are transforming. The Chain Protocol beneficiaries power this platform.

It defines how assets are initiated, transferred, and controlled on a Blockchain network. It allows a single entity or a group of organizations to operate a network, supports the coexistence of multiple types of assets, also, it is interoperable with other independent networks.

The Chain Core technology is mainly for financial services

  • Permissioned network access

This network provides a position of role-based permissions for operating, accessing, and participating in a network.

  • Full-stack security

The security is made with an HSM integration, stable cryptographic primitives, and an auditable, open source stack. Also, the payment in this platform happens instantly.

  • An immutable ledger

This ledger is an absolutely auditable record of transaction activity that cannot be duplicated or modified.

  • Native digital assets

The native digital assets provide the users with a new medium for currencies, securities, as well as, other issued financial instruments.

  • Multi-signature accounts

These accounts help to secure, multi-asset account management for individuals, businesses, and institutions, furthermore, a federated consensus that allows for immediate transaction confirmation with absolute finality.

  • Smart contracts

The contracts in this platform have Programmatic transactions, facilitating complex agreements with automatic enforcement and no counterparty risk.

  • Transaction privacy

Only the parties involved in a transaction can view transaction details.

  • Reference data

The transaction structure directly includes assets definitions, compliance data, and arbitrary annotations.

  • Fast performance

The modern financial systems demand an engineered performance by the Chain Core. The time to create, sign, and validate a transaction is in milliseconds.

  • Scalable & available

The Chain Core can scale to hundreds of servers across many data centres such that the failure of any one component does not impact the health of the overall system.

In conclusion, Chain Core integrates with existing financial core services through its easy-to-digest data format, well-documented SDKs, and numerous APIs. Chain Core can also integrate with existing data warehousing solutions. The Chain Core technology also comes with Intelligent queries and Multi-language support to helps the users.

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