CBSE To Use Blockchain Technology To Store Board Exam Results For Class 10, 12 Students

The Central Board of Secondary Education in India has developed an innovative new solution, which they refer to as ‘Academic Documents’. The main idea driving this project is to employ the use of Blockchain Technology in order to record the certificates of results according to a linked chain structure and, at the same time, provide tamper-proof, paperless, and transparent usage of these result certificates.

According to the officials, Blockchain technology will allow them to store the result certificates in a decentralized and distributed manner which will also involve multiple stakeholders at various points across the chain and make the document accessible to all of them. However, the very nature of this Blockchain technology prevents anyone from posing any threats related to tampering and such.

Blockchain technology completely assures the academic documents are totally secure and tamper-proof. Those who wish to access these documents can easily do so online in a much more trusted and safe manner. 

The linked chain structure

The ‘Academic Blockchain Document’ can be used by multiple educational institutes when the admission session is going on, for verification purposes, and also by companies when they are willing to recruit someone. Institutions and organizations can easily verify these documents as they can be easily accessed online.

The CBSE or The Central Board of Secondary Education, as they are better known throughout the country, has already pushed out a host of digital result certificates for the students of Classes 10 and 12 for the academic session of 2019-2021, and they are now readily available also. However, in the upcoming few months, they will also be issuing digitally signed copies of these certificates for the students of the previous years as well. 

As soon as the new certificates are issued by the CBSE, the digitally signed certificates will be automatically sent to the specially created Blockchain system, where the officials will be creating an additional secure link for the certificates. 

The entire network has been strategically created with the nodes present in the cities of Pune, Jaipur, and Bengaluru. As of now, the certificate chain is being maintained by the NIC at their multiple data centers. 

Blockchain technology has become extremely popular owing to its capability to record data across the distributed ledger system that it is where the owner is generally given to every single participating stakeholder. The data is safely recorded in the chain and replicated simultaneously across all the different locations in the distributed network of the nodes.

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