Blockchain’s Enormous Boom in Global Advancements

Blockchain's Enormous Boom in Global Advancements

As many industries have realized that blockchain is here to stay, in this article, we will learn how blockchain is revamping the existing industries and how they affect them on a global level. 

Why Blockchain is Crucial 

Blockchain is a P2P, decentralized, distributed ledger technology that has the potential to revolutionize the entire world. Blockchain is a distributed ledger, which means data distribution raises its quality, safety, and resistance to censorship.

Where blockchain still remains a mystery for many, but if we talk about the present scenario, blockchain is attracting almost one-third of organizations, and enterprises and demand for blockchain developers and blockchain experts are ever-increasing. 

For a long time, technology was only recognized for the domain of cryptocurrencies, but today it has raised its level, and now blockchain tech is implemented in global advancement worldwide. 

Several domains, such as finance, supply chain, healthcare, digital identity, voting, and others, have been and still are, grateful participants. 

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Blockchain’s Multipurpose Role Across the Globe

Since the advent of blockchain in 2008, technology remains under the limelight, and its enormous boom is causing major sectors to adopt and implement blockchain for their efficient operations. 

So let’s start exploring practical multipurpose roles of blockchain across the top 6 domains. 

Data Sharing 

Data sharing is a crucial step in business operations. Existing data-sharing platforms are dependent on third-parties and central authorities. To deal with all the existing issues, blockchain provides a trust-based model by offering decentralized storage independent of third-party intermediaries. Moreover, blockchain ensures data security by integrating encryption schemes. A secure, distributed storage architecture by blockchain can help companies, researchers, and individuals to share their data securely across the globe.  

Transparency in the Food Supply Chain 

Implementing blockchain can be a transformative methodology in various industries, including the food supply chain. At present, food traceability is one of the prime concerns as the current communication frameworks are still tracking information on paper. Blockchain can provide a viable solution as it is a fraud-proof, irreversible, secure technology that maintains complete transparency by recording food item journeys from the farm (source) to fork (destination). Moreover, technology can reduce the risk of infected foods getting to consumers and help in allowing faster cross-border settlements in the supply chain domain. 

 Remittance Industry

The finance domain has always been the earliest and most promising applications of blockchain technology. The major issue with remittance industries is that they rely on third-party intermediaries and financial institutions, making the current finance system inefficient. Enter blockchain. Due to its decentralized nature, technology enables senders and recipients to track the money flow and understand whether the funds have reached their destination or not. Moreover, its capability to provide full transparency can help eliminate the need for third parties and make cross-border payments cheaper, less regulated, and more efficient. 

Voting Mechanism

A few years back, the digital voting system was brought back to substitute the paper ballot style. But it’s unknown how safer it is. This is because electronic voting machines are frequently prone to attacks, and if hacked, there is no evidence of that. Unlike traditional methods where the government controls servers, with blockchain, it is easy to detect and verify if any record has tampered from its original submission. 

Moreover, blockchain’s ability to offer immutability, accountability, and transparency help in preventing voter fraud and make the entire voting mechanism much efficient and smoother. 

Cyber Security 

Blockchain is emerging as a very doable technology when it comes to protecting businesses and other entities from cyber attacks. Blockchain systems can prevent cyber attacks by using cryptography, a security network that uses a set of algorithms to encrypt and decrypt data to protect crucial data from cyber-attacks and improve cybersecurity across industries. NASA has also decided to implement blockchain technology to boost cybersecurity and prevent denial of service and other attacks on air traffic services. 

In addition, blockchain offers decentralized storage, safety to the Internet of Things, vulnerability to DNS, and secure private messages.

Healthcare Department 

Today, the healthcare sectors rely on centralized servers and suffer from various issues such as fragmented data, delayed communications, and lack of interoperability. The current methodology also leaves sensitive information in a vulnerable position. Blockchain is changing the working aspects of the healthcare industry, as well. The transparency and security of blockchain make it an ideal platform on which to store medical records. It enables patients to maintain their privacy while sharing their medical information with any healthcare institution. Besides, blockchain enables faster data sharing as well as ensuring security. Using a shared platform for different medical facilities allows for easier collaboration between different providers.

Concluding Lines- Will Enterprises and Businesses Accept Blockchain?

As blockchain holds power to transform all industries and revolutionize all aspects of life, it is clear that blockchain is here to stay for long. The main reason why organizations and enterprises decide to switch to the distributed ledger is that blockchain increases the speed and efficiency of their operations by automating the process, making it less time-consuming and cost-efficient. Thus, implementing blockchain will solve major enterprise problems. But whether it will be accepted for mass adoption or not cannot be declared now. 

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