How Blockchain Can Be Used In Clearing & Settlement?
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How Blockchain Can Be Used In Clearing & Settlement?

Satoshi Nakamoto designed Bitcoin blockchain as a distributed ledger for recording the transactions and transfer of coin tokens between interconnected network. Many business enterprises and entrepreneurs use this concept as a platform for their financial transactions. This financial setup can be of big help by being the chain for the transaction. Easy to use and easy to pay policy. It helps in clearing & settlement, making payments, portfolio management reporting, product distribution, collateral management and fraud measures.

Securities play an important role than a complex use of Blockchain’s cryptocurrencies. They are a major factor in both mechanics and legal environment. The exciting key about Clearing and Settlement is that the central authorities govern the current industry structure. But the decentralized blockchains can or cannot work in a centralized operation. It can happen because the implementation runs as permission-ed by this central entity above the market convenience. The stock exchange companies and banks are now working with blockchain orientation so as to bring the global change of easy transfer and transaction. Blockchain experts and specialists maintain these chains to support and bring the digital awareness all over the world and to people depending on blockchain and as their right hand to get things done.

Clearing and settlement are the interest at the moment, but blockchain solutions are not evident in this space in the first wave. It’s more likely to be noticed in the preceding waves. But it is up to us we to remember the crucial role these institutions play in financial markets.

How do Clearing and settlement work?

  • Savings done through streamlined back office processes
  • Verification of the identity of the certified transactions
  • Keeps a record of transaction history
  • Strangers trade directly with each other without any trusted third party person.
  • Other useful help is automating buy, sell and supply transactions on a B2B and B2C basis


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