Best Blockchain Specialization Certifications and Training 2020


Want to become a certified blockchain specialist? You have landed on the right page. This article explains the concept of blockchain, benefits of certification courses, focussing on top blockchain specialization courses of 2020.


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Introduction to Blockchain 

Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that aims to decentralize data storage so that data cannot be manipulated or controlled by any central authority. It can also be defined as a record-keeping technology behind the Bitcoin network.


But gone are the days when technology was only known for cryptocurrency. Today blockchain scope is beyond our imagination. Blockchain can be seen as a one-stop solution for every domain, right from storing data about property exchanges to maintaining candidate votes and much more. Presently, the number of top organizations are integrating blockchain into their business operations. This is because blockchain is a transparent technology that reduces the operational cost by eliminating third-party involvement and improving accuracy by removing human involvement, thus leading transactions to be secured, private, and efficient.

Due to its decentralization, the technology is gaining massive popularity globally, which rises the demand for blockchain professionals.


Benefits of Online Certification Courses 


If you want to take your career in the blockchain space but wonder where to begin, the first and the best step is to enroll in online certification courses. As the blockchain domain is soaring, certification courses help achieve a competitive advantage over others and enhance your earning potential. The certification programs help keep yourself updated, thus executing projects with utmost efficiency, and building professional credibility. Apart from that,


  • Blockchain certification brings with it industry recognition, improved job opportunities, and of course, improved payscale.


  • The blockchain certifications are job- and skills-oriented.


  • Courses are carried by instructor-led classes to provide an in-depth understanding of blockchain space.



Top Blockchain Specialization Courses

Here is a list of top 7 blockchain specialization courses for 2020.


Certified Blockchain and Digital Marketing 


It is an exceptional training specially designed to explain how blockchain can revolutionize digital marketing. This certification course focuses on digital marketing and blockchain’s core concepts and discusses how technology can master the challenges faced by digital marketers in the present scenario.


Certified Blockchain & HR Professional 


Certified Blockchain & HR Professional certification course is highly beneficial for HR Professionals in improving their talent management, verification of potential hires, safeguarding of employee health records, performance evaluation, and many others. The training helps to digitize human resources using blockchain technology, which helps store information in a secure, decentralized, and immutable manner.


Certified Blockchain & Law Professional Certification 


Certified Blockchain & Law Professional Certification professional training is ideally suitable for law executives. This training educates how blockchain technology can be leveraged to speed up and streamline the process of tracing digital documents for evidence, provide granular control over personal information, enhance litigation funding, and automate the agreement process using smart contracts functionalities.


 Certified Blockchain & Supply Chain Professional Certification


 Certified Blockchain & Supply Chain Professional online training course guides aspirants in creating solutions that can impact all the facets of Supply Chain. This training upskills on how blockchain can be leveraged to increase revenue, decrease costs, improve quality, production, and much more. With the acquired knowledge, professionals can work in domains such as Retail, eCommerce, Banks, Telecom, FMCG, Manufacturing, and others.


 Certified Blockchain & Finance Professional Certification 


Certified Blockchain & Finance Professional Certification course is meant for finance professionals who are looking to improve trade finance transactions and for enhanced tracking of LCs, Shipping bills, Tax invoices, etc. This training course focuses on the assimilation of knowledge on how blockchain can be leveraged to streamline the procedure of cross border payments, and to speed up the process while reducing the cost. With the acquired certification, one can either be a Blockchain & Finance Professional or a Finance Manager.


Certified Blockchain & KYC Professional Certification


This course helps in providing support to KYC professionals in supplementing the process by enabling seamless and secure data exchange at a considerably lower price. With this acquired training course, Blockchain-based KYC professionals implement the understanding of blockchain to simplify the process of digital identity verification, cross-border payments, and to identify frauds in banking and other financial sectors.


 Certified Blockchain & Healthcare Professional Certification


This specialization course focuses on blockchain concepts and their use cases in the healthcare domain. With the acquired certification, a blockchain professional helps design and maintain blockchain-based systems for recording, sharing, and storing sensitive data in a secure and reliable manner.




What do you think is the right time to get involved with blockchain after going through the list of specialization courses? The answer is simple. Now is the best time to invest your time and learn skills in blockchain technology to take your career to the next level. Getting certified from the top organization like Blockchain Council will help you showcase your talent with the acquired skills.

So are you ready to make a move in this domain? Get started now!


To get instant updates about Blockchain Technology and to learn more about online blockchain certifications, check out Blockchain Council.



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