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As we know, blockchain is one of the most disruptive technologies since the invention of the internet. Multiple industries across the globe are adopting blockchain technology in their business processes to innovate the way they function.

As time and technology progress, growing businesses demand the need to bring in revolutionary technologies to cope with the growing competition. Especially in the field of healthcare, the urgency of growth escalates to higher levels. Quality healthcare services are the need of the hour with the healthcare system landscape slowly but steadily shifting towards a patient-centric approach that mainly focuses on two major elements, such as apt healthcare facilities and affordable treatment. Let us now learn who a blockchain healthcare professional is and how he can change the face of the healthcare industry by becoming a renowned blockchain professional in healthcare.

Need for Blockchain in Healthcare

It is important to focus on providing quality healthcare services to all by ensuring patient health management at a superior level, as the patient is always at the center of a healthcare ecosystem. The federal rules and regulations of the current healthcare system make processes tedious and lengthy. There is a major gap between the service providers and the payers. Dependency on middlemen, especially in the supply chain, makes it even worse.

Critical patient data is scattered across different departments and systems. Due to this, critical data is not accessible in times of need. As there are currently multiple players in the system, the current healthcare system cannot be considered complete. A majority of the healthcare facilities, even today, are dependent on outdates systems for maintaining patient records. This makes it tedious for the doctor to diagnose, and this, in turn, affects patients.

The need for a technically advanced system in the healthcare domain is undeniable. This is where blockchain comes into the picture. Another time-consuming process in the healthcare industry that results in increased costs is the Health Information Exchange. As patients do not have control over their data in an outdated system, the chances of spamming, financial data crimes, and identity thefts are increasing every day.

Blockchain has tremendous potential to bring about a massive breakthrough in the healthcare ecosystem. Blockchain in healthcare will bring tremendous changes to the healthcare management of patients. Blockchain will bring back the power to people’s hands. This means that people will handle their own records and gain overall control of their data. Blockchain helps create and share a single common database of health information. It will offer a high level of transparency and security and will help doctors find time to spend on patient care and treatment. It helps in the better sharing of statistics. It allows smooth data sharing among healthcare providers.

Who is a Blockchain Healthcare Professional?

A blockchain healthcare professional is one who helps design and maintain blockchain-based systems in the health care domain for recording, sharing, and storing sensitive data in a secure and reliable manner.

Need for a Blockchain Certification

Let us now understand how holding a blockchain certification can help.

  • Holding a blockchain certification will provide you a promising career.
  • Time and again, it has been proven that the demand for blockchain jobs is only increasing every year, thanks to the statistics provided by job sites.
  • Many industries have started integrating blockchain technology into their business processes, and hence, it is important to get certified and stay ahead of peers in the blockchain race.
  • Blockchain is becoming a widely accepted technology that is opening the flood gates for a deluge of new career opportunities. Thus, it would be wise to ride the trending wave and make the best of it while it lasts.
  • Holding a blockchain certification from a renowned platform will help you hone your skills and up your game.

Talking about renowned platforms, though there are many universities and online learning platforms offering blockchain certifications, it is important that you choose the best. One such popular online learning platform offering blockchain certifications is the Blockchain Council.

Certified Blockchain and Healthcare Professional

The Certified Blockchain and Healthcare Professional certification is a self-paced online learning course offered by the Blockchain Council. Blockchain Council comprises of an authoritative team of blockchain enthusiasts and subject experts evangelizing blockchain use cases, products, knowledge, and research and development for a better world. Blockchain is one such disruptive technology that is rapidly emerging and has a broad scope for enhancement. Blockchain Council operates on the mission of educating people and creating awareness among businesses, enterprises, developers, and society in the blockchain sphere. Blockchain Council is a private de-facto organization that works individually and proliferates blockchain technology on a global scale.

This specially curated comprehensive curriculum has been designed to suit all levels of learners, such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced, and has been developed in simple, understandable English so as to facilitate easy learning. This course will cover concepts such as an overview of the healthcare industry, problem statements in areas such as drug counterfeiting, healthcare records management, and clinical trials, and the fundamental concepts of blockchain technology such as the benefits of blockchain, how it differs from the traditional methodologies, blockchain ecosystem, peer-to-peer network, mining, consensus, blockchain architecture, and smart contracts.

Blockchain Council offers 24*7 assistance to its learners and provides life-long access to the course content. After the completion of the course, you will be awarded a Blockchain Council certificate that will provide you with the perfect competitive advantage and prove to employers that you are industry-ready. The Blockchain Council certificate is widely recognized globally. At the end of the course, you will take an exam that will let you know how much you have understood the concepts learned in the training program. It is a good opportunity to assess yourself and learn the various techniques that can be used to integrate blockchain in healthcare.


Blockchain technology has the ability to successfully improve patient care quality while maintaining the funds at a reasonable rate. Blockchain will help eliminate all the challenges and hindrances occurring in multiple level authentication. Blockchain is now being increasingly adopted in the healthcare sector. Even though it is said to be in its nascent stages, blockchain technology is being positively accepted by people in the healthcare sphere.

To know more about blockchain certifications, check out Blockchain Council.

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