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Just like the internet and smartphones, blockchain is also one such technology which has certainly taken the world by storm. Today, blockchain is applied in many technology-based applications such as payment services, supply management chains, smart contracts, documentation, and digital identity. There is a major growing demand for blockchain technologies and services as most companies are adopting blockchain and are successfully integrating it in their businesses.  According to data compiled by ‘Meticulous Research,’ the firm which offers value-driven, syndicated market research reports, the value of the global blockchain market is estimated to be USD 28.24 Billion by the year 2025.


Blockchain is maturing at a rapid pace. It is being widely used across various industry verticals such as real estate, information technology, and telecommunications, healthcare, banking, finance, media and entertainment, travel and hospitality, transportation and logistics, and retail and e-commerce. With the demand for blockchain professionals currently surging at a high rate, enrolling in certification programs will offer significant benefits.


The Need For A Certification


Gaining certification from a prestigious platform such as the Blockchain Council offers you with numerous advantages such as gaining a competitive advantage over others, enhancing your earning potential, updating your knowledge, skills, and potential, executing projects with utmost efficiency, and building professional credibility.


Certifications are, no doubt, a worthwhile investment as they aid in boosting your professional credibility and prestige and help provide recognition for specialized knowledge or skill sets. If you have a continuous thirst for knowledge, bag your very own certificate by enrolling in any of the above-mentioned blockchain courses to stay on top of trends in today’s competitive job market.


About Blockchain Council


Blockchain Council is a platform which evangelizes blockchain research, use cases, products, and knowledge. Blockchain council comprises of a team of authoritative subject experts and enthusiasts who operate on the mission of imparting world-class training to students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and aspiring individuals to make them adept at blockchain technology.


It is a platform which offers both instructor-led and self-paced courses in various areas of blockchain. It is a private, de-facto organization which works individually and proliferates blockchain technology on a global scale. It is a council, which, through its certifications, creates a secure learning environment and also raises awareness about the evolving technological advancements of the blockchain sphere.


Certifications Offered By The Blockchain Council


  • Certified Blockchain Expert (CBE)


A blockchain expert is a professional who works closely with companies to develop immutable, distributed ledger applications. This certification is self-paced, the comprehensive curriculum of which has been designed by industry experts. In this course, you will gain an in-depth knowledge of the basics of the blockchain, consensus algorithms, blockchain attacks, smart contracts, and blockchain use cases.


Rather than offering tutorials, this exam-based program provides the much-needed exhaustive training and lab-based practical experiences to gain insights into the world of blockchain technology. If you are looking to become a certified blockchain expert and get instantly hired by enterprises, you have landed at the perfect place.


  • Certified Blockchain Developer (CBD)


A Certified Blockchain Developer (CBD) is one who stays abreast with emerging technological innovations. He is responsible for creating integrated smart contracts and web applications using blockchain technology.


The Certified Blockchain Developer Certification equips you with a competitive advantage by providing you an in-depth overview of public and private blockchains, MultiChain, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Stellar operations. Enroll in this course and become a certified blockchain developer. Help enterprises and businesses build robust blockchain-based applications.


  • Certified Blockchain Architect (CBA)


A blockchain architect contributes to the internal knowledge base of distributed ledger technology by staying abreast with emerging technologies to help enterprises develop distributed computing applications.


This certification offered by Blockchain Council has been designed to equip you with the required knowledge and technical prowess to become industry-ready and gain the ultimate confidence to shape your career in the field of disruptive technology.


  • Certified Blockchain & Law Professional


Legal firms nowadays are adopting blockchain for two major reasons. One is the use of smart contracts, as the terms and conditions can be automated and the second reason is its ability to record events for longer durations and all the records and documents stored on the blockchain are tamper-proof and can be shared over a peer-to-peer network and hence, does not involve any secrecy.


Lawyers now value the necessity to understand and learn the benefits of advanced technologies such as blockchain for their legal businesses. This certification provides an introduction to law, an overview of blockchain, blockchain use cases in the field of law such as smart contracts, intellectual property, land registry, etc.


  • Certified Blockchain and Supply Chain Professional


Blockchain technology is a game-changer with the potential to propel us to the next industrial revolution, with new paradigms for conducting business in the supply chain sector. Become a Certified Blockchain and Supply Chain Expert and help enterprises enhance the transparency and efficiency of supply chains right from warehousing to delivery and until payment.


This sought-after certification curated by acknowledged industry experts offers an in-depth understanding of the concepts surrounding blockchain and supply chain. Enroll in this certification and gain the much-needed competitive advantage over others.


  • Certified Blockchain and KYC Professional


Know your Customer (KYC) procedure used by businesses and regulated financial institutions to verify the identity of clients is now available on a decentralized network, thanks to blockchain technology. It offers better data safety and eliminates the chances of unauthorized access. Become a Certified Blockchain and KYC Professional and assist enterprises in creating tamper-proof KYC records thereby delivering data transparency and trust.


This comprehensive module designed by blockchain and information experts provides you insights into the procedure of digital identity verification, cross-border payments, and anti-money laundering activities in the financial sector.


  • Certified Hyperledger Expert (CHE)


A Certified Hyperledger Expert is one who learns in detail about what a hyperledger is, how it works, and its functioning in businesses and research projects for building blockchain applications with the use of Hyperledger frameworks. This certification is the perfect fit for you if you want to have a proper understanding of Hyperledger technology. This course helps you learn to effectively build secure hyperledger networks for commercial deployment. This performance-based exam provides lifetime access to course materials and offers 24*7 query assistance.


  • Certified Corda Expert (CRCE)


Corda is a permissioned private network specifically designed to build applications for financial institutions. It helps record, synchronize, and manage contracts and shared data between partners. A Corda Expert is one who possesses technical expertise in developing Corda applications for the finance domain to avoid friction in business transactions by eliminating business intermediaries.


Become a certified expert in the Corda space and make your mark in the world of blockchain. The exam designed by an authoritative team of experts will help you understand the architecture and security advantage of Corda for financial events.


  •  Certified Quorum Expert


Quorum is a permissioned, enterprise-focused blockchain infrastructure which is specifically designed for companies in the finance sector. It is an implementation of Ethereum which supports contract and transaction privacy. It is an excellent tool for banking companies.


The Certified Quorum Expert certification offered by the Blockchain Council is self-paced and hence offers individuals with the perfect learning environment to achieve individual learning objectives at their own pace. The module presented in this certification covers concepts such as introduction to quorum, quorum architecture, transaction processing, quorum consensus algorithms, and overview of quorum node setup.


  • Certified Ethereum Expert (CEE)


An ethereum expert is one who develops decentralized applications and protocols to improve fault tolerance and for processing of large chunks of data.


Validate your skills and understanding through this exhaustive, exam-based certification which provides insights into the workings of ethereum and the Smart Contracts Technology. Successful completion of this certification will enable you to build ethereum-based applications for enterprises.


Visit  http://bit.ly/2JAQcuF to gain insights into the various certifications and details of the modules offered.

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