How will Web3 impact search engines?

How will Web3 impact search engines?

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Search engines like Google have been using user data to generate influential analyses and reports that help businesses grow using user-based analytics, which doesn’t seem wrong considering the limitations of the current Internet generation. On the same page, Web 3.0, the next generation of the Internet, is here, with a set of technologies we popularly term Web3 technologies. And how these Web3 technologies will affect our search engines? Let’s find out!

Web3 technologies are becoming increasingly well-known nowadays, particularly for their ability to use different realities, cryptocurrency, and digital assets like NFTs. The future of search engine optimization will include virtual reality, Blockchain, and Metaverse to improve human-machine interaction.


How Will Web3 Impact Businesses?

Facebook has been at the top of the digital landscape for over a decade. The brand is behind the massive hit of Metaverse in the global audience by renaming the parent company of ‘Facebook’ to ‘Meta.’ Even so, things are starting to shift as Meta published a decline in daily active users for the first time in its 18-year history. Meta has now decided to continue investing in virtual reality development to make the platform more interactive as users want it to be. This was a big step and set the milestone for the large-scale adoption of Metaverse and Blockchain. Businesses have become progressive, and a global transformation of Web2 to Web3 was noticed in 2022. Businesses from a wide spectrum of verticals, from gaming to education and healthcare to e-commerce, Web3, and search engines, have one thing in common: a mutual presence. Professionals from non-IT backgrounds have started to consider Web3 as a potential career option as it s in an initial development phase, and they have enough time to learn as it grows.


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What Impact Will Web3 Have on SEO?

Some people think Web3 is the reason for SEO breakdown, but this is unlikely. The main components of Web3 are not NFTs, Metaverses, or crypto-craze, even though they have been receiving the most attention online. These are all just a few Blockchain applications-based. The scenario in SEO will change, and it will become much more effective with decentralized and distributed storage with the semantic web. Irrespective of the huge amount of online data, it will offer traceability of actions taken on a data set. Some drastic changes are also expected to how search engine optimization works, but the basics of search engine optimization will stay with this Web 3.0 ecosystem. These changes include an increase in voice search use, which seems fair, considering it will still require the search engine to produce results based on what the user wants to see.


How Will Web3 change search?

Web2 needs you to do all the research based on different matrices by using the data present on the internet. For example, when you’re thinking of purchasing a new electrical item. Instead of going to the sale, you’ll do several searches in various locations and read reviews; in short, you need to research to conclude.

This will go even further with Web3. One prompt would be sufficient to gather all the relevant data from various databases, arrange it in accordance and present the best possibilities in one interface. It will save you time in conducting repeated searches from multiple sources. This is impossible with Web2 as it doesn’t require brands and businesses to have decentralized data storage and management that can change how we interact on the Internet.

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What Part of Web 3.0 do Search Marketers Need to Understand?

The advent of Web 3.0 has transformed how you look for data online. How does this affect you? As a search marketer, you must produce the appropriate digital assets for your customers to ensure that any search engine can easily find and fulfill their requirements.

How users search, how search engines interpret their queries, and how they present results will all change with Web 3.0. Although these changes have been underway for some time, they are finally beginning to influence how we interact with information online.

This is caused by advancements in search engine technology that allows them to better interpret the meaning of user searches by using vast volumes of unstructured data and turning it into something meaningful.

A new method of producing digital assets will also be introduced by Web3 technologies like Blockchain, replacing outdated websites with personalized experiences.

New behaviors are beginning to emerge as a result of AI-powered digital assistants. Search marketers must focus on creating better digital experiences for the audience and ensure that the search engine can easily find and deliver this relevant information.

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How do Web 3.0 Search Engines Work?

The major prospect that is Data is decentralized with Web 3.0 because it uses indexing criteria to retrieve data from many Internet networks. Web 3.0 search engines provide a public dataset that is open for everybody to use, in contrast to the controlled access-based Web 2.0 search engine.

The following essential features are used by Web 3.0:

  • Decentralization

It is one of the most important updates that Web 3.0 will offer search engines to make their functioning, data processing, management, and storage easier and more effective. Unlike the conventional architecture, data can now be stored in pieces and on different devices, adding a layer of extra security to the storage. As a result, if somebody wishes to access the data storage and fetch something without proper access, they need to check every data storage and trace their required data, unlike the single data storage system in Web 2.0.

  • Artificial intelligence

Every aspect of life will use AI to carry out computational tasks that humans can do. It will make choices in autonomous vehicles or digital marketing plans with a better track of user psychology using Artificial Intelligence and developing an insight that further requires marketers to work on and develop a strategy. Apart from this fundamental application, AI can also help sort information and filter out relevant data for any task in much less time than any individual.

  • Blockchain

Blockchain is one of the most prominent add-ons that can solve many issues with the conventional functioning of search engines. It will regularise the safety checks on the Internet by regularizing the data-sharing concept. Distributed data storage will help achieve next-gen security for huge amounts of data generated every minute, whereas distributed ledger technology will also aid in recording every data transaction happening on the chain. This will allow businesses and marketers to fetch the data from the customer directly without requiring any third party, making the transaction quick and aiding marketers in targeting better. It is impossible to remove any entry from this ledger without a ‘vote’ from all the chain participants.


Prepare For Future

The only thing we can do to get ready for Web3 is to keep an eye on it. Although these recent changes are exceptional, they might make it easier for customers and companies to interact with search. Industry experts believe it to be the golden period to learn about Web3 technologies like Blockchain, Metaverse, NFTs, and more to gain knowledge and understanding about how these technologies will change your role. No business will refrain from Web3 technologies in the future, and they will become mainstream soon, resulting in a surge in the requirement for Web3 experts and professionals. So, It’s time to give your best shot at these new-age technologies and learn how to use them.



The environment of the Web has seen substantial change in the last three decades. There have been many changes since the first generation of the World Wide Web when text-based data was mainly transmitted across the internet. Web 3.0 is on the brink of mass adoption, and people around the globe have realized how this new generation of the internet proposes solutions to almost all the issues and concerns associated with the current generation of the Internet. We hope we made it clear that the requirement of a search engine and search engine optimization is not going anywhere. It’s just that with Web 3.0 properties like decentralization, distributed data storage and a ton of new innovations going on to develop new resources, search engines will definitely evolve and level up to function with Web 3.0.

Businesses are now getting prepared to reorganize their business processes and deal with these developments head-on. And so is the case with you, if you are a marketer and wondering how Web 3.0 will affect you and your role in an organization. You must start learning about these innovative new technologies and It is the best time to begin exploring Web 3.0, while it still is in its infancy. Spend your time and effort strengthening and igniting your connections with your clients. It could be an exciting effort with many opportunities opening up in that area.

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