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The Best Tether (USDT) Wallets

Tether is a cryptocurrency with tokens issued by Tether Limited. It’s blockchain-based and is considered a stablecoin with its equivalent amount of US$1.00 per coin.  Since it launched, Tether’s popularity only increased, with now over 69 billion tokens in circulation as of 2021. If you’re interested in keeping Tether, you should know the best wallets…

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Global View on the ICOs

There is a lot of buzz on the market about the ICO and cryptocurrencies. It has created some seismic disruptions which have hit every part of the world. However, when it comes to response towards it, then we have mixed bags of emotions for the same. It would not be wrong to claim that after…

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Hot Wallet vs Cold Wallet

  We all do transactions almost on an everyday basis. Pick up your wallet, count the money and buy your thing. It’s that simple… isn’t it??   But things are different when you need to pay in cryptos. We all know that they don’t have a physical existence…so how can one hold them all together?…