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Cryptocurrency vs Tokens – What’s the difference

Blockchain is the latest trend in technology and everyone wants a share of it. The blockchain platform is one of the best platforms right now for both investment and the development of new technologies. However, getting to know about it is rather difficult and without this information, it is impossible to get into it. Now…

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Crypto-philanthropy: Blockchain Changing The Face of charity

Charities in today’s world are facing a constant decline in donations due to the growing skepticism about CEO pay and concerns about where the donations would end up. Charitable giving has always been common across the globe with many people looking at donation as an act of doing good to our fellow human beings. Trust…

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What is Vevue Platform and How can you earn money out of it?

Blockchain Technology now needs no introduction. It is one of the most dynamic technologies that is disrupting all the industries in a positive direction. The Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that works as a platform for peer-to-peer interaction. You can exchange data and information on this platform and the details get stored in a…