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Learn DAML- A Smart Contract Language

Curious to learn about DAML, a smart contract language? The article illustrates the concept of smart contracts, how smart contracts differ from traditional contracts, focussing on the properties of DAML, and more.   Learning Of Blog  Overview The Concept of Smart Contracts Properties of DAML Comparison of DAML with Smart Contracts Conclusion   Overview  …

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How to Learn Solidity and Become a Solidity Developer

If you want to learn solidity language and become a certified solidity developer, this article illustrates how to start as a beginner and reach your goals.   Learning Of Blog   Introduction to Solidity  Prerequisites knowledge  Best certification courses and their advantages What all you will learn? Conclusion     Introduction to Solidity    Gavin Wood…

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Certified Solidity Developer

A Certified Solidity Developer course is a bespoke development training course aimed for training in Ethereum development to understand Ethereum concepts and be able to develop Ethereum based digital assets. But what is Solidity? Solidity is basically an Ethereum programming language which is influenced by C++, Python, and JavaScript. It teaches you how to develop…