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Why You Should Consider Ripple and Start Investing in it?

Curious to learn about Ripple? Wondering whether you should invest in this popular cryptocurrency or not? If your answer is probably yes, you have landed on the right place. Table of Contents An Introduction to Ripple  Ripple’s Major Characteristics Top Reason to Invest in Ripple  Is Ripple Ledger’s Consensus the Future? Concluding Lines  An Introduction…

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What is the COCO framework? How is Ripple different from Bitcoin?

Microsoft has released the Confidential Consortium, also called the COCO framework to make the Ethereum or Bitcoin blockchain actually usable for businesses. The COCO Framework brings a much-needed scalability upgrade to Ethereum and boasts of handling more than 1000+ transactions per second. Therefore, the COCO framework combined with the Ethereum blockchain provides a secure and…