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Liquidity Mining a Complete Guide

The use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies has exploded in recent years. While the most common crypto investment approach is buying and keeping cryptocurrencies until their value rises, there are various other ways to create passive income. Liquidity mining is one such approach, which takes advantage of the massive buzz around decentralized finance (DeFi) while letting…

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Everything You Need to Know about Yield Farming

“The amount lent out is paid back with interest when typical loans are sanctioned through banks. The same concept goes with yield farming: lending of bitcoin that would normally be sitting ideally in an account to produce returns,” according to the CFP, AIF, and owner of Hill Wealth Strategies, Daniel R.Hill.    Thus, yield farming…

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Know Everything about Crypto Liquidity Pools

Crypto Liquidity Pools are an essential part of the DeFi ecosystem. These pools are a collection of tokens or digital assets stored in a smart contract. These pools, among other things, help to facilitate decentralized trading and reduce the danger of washout.    The core technology behind the current DeFi ecosystem is liquidity pools. They…